Financial Planning

We'll work together to develop a strategy to help you reach your financial goals. We have two options:

  • TD Wealth Financial Planning

    Build a personal financial plan with your TD Wealth Financial Planner:

    • Your dedicated financial planner will get to know your priorities through our deep discovery process
    • With regular contact and a personal plan we’ll help you achieve your goals and update your plan as your needs and priorities change
  • TD Wealth Advice Connect from TD Wealth Financial Planning

    Work with a team of financial planners to build your financial plan:

    • Get the benefits of working with a financial planner, from the comfort of your home or office
    • Available remotely with more flexible hours; 8 AM – 8 PM ET Monday to Friday to help meet your needs

We see the whole you

Work with a TD Wealth Financial Planner to determine your Wealth PersonalityTM profile, discover your priorities, and develop a financial plan that's specifically tailored to your goals. Once you have a plan in place, you can feel confident knowing you've defined how you want your income and assets to work for you, now and in the future.

Not sure what financial planning is or how it can help? Learn more about financial planning here

Let's work toward your financial goals

Discover what truly matters to you and build your financial confidence with help from a financial planner who can offer planning and advice that can grow and evolve with you.

Retirement planning

A financial planner can offer strategies to help you become retirement-ready by discussing questions like:

  1. How much income is needed for the retirement you aspire to?

  2. How can you save enough to fund your retirement?

  3. How can you reduce taxes during retirement?

  4. When should you start taking your government benefits?

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Estate planning

Estate planning helps ensure your wishes are carried out and is an effective way to benefit your heirs.

  1. Ensure you have an up-to-date Will and Power of Attorney

  2. Consider using executor services like a corporate executor or Power of Attorney for Property

  3. Transfer your wealth and help avoid any unintended consequences

Find helpful information about passing on your wealth. Download this useful Estate Planning guide

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Tax planning

Work with a financial planner to assess and recommend strategies that can reduce your tax burden, and help:

  1. Reduce your taxable income during your lifetime or upon passing away

  2. Explore income splitting strategies

  3. Take advantage of tax deductions and credits available to you

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Investment management

TD Wealth Financial Planning offers a range of TD funds, managed by TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) selected with the focus on spreading risk, reducing volatility, and enhancing the potential for solid long-term returns.

  • Investment management

    Portfolio management includes a well-defined investment philosophy, commitment to risk management, and:

    • Helps define your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, and constraints
    • Applies a disciplined investment approach
    • Is based on your unique goals and objectives
  • TD Asset Management

    There’s a lot that goes into creating portfolios. The TDAM team of multi-disciplinary Portfolio Managers:

    • Have an average of 22 years' experience
    • Manage $53 billion in assets1
    • Help Canadians work towards achieving their financial goals – and have done so for over 30 years

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Work with a TD Wealth Financial Planner

When you make an appointment to see a financial planner, you'll receive details on what to bring to your first meeting.

  • Develop your financial plan

    Your financial planner can recommend strategies for your goals and discuss strategies to help minimize your taxes.

  • Put your plan into action

    Ensure your asset allocation recommendation is in line with your investment timeline and risk tolerance.

  • Communicate on your terms

    Staying informed is important to having confidence in your plan, so we'll be in touch regularly to keep you updated.

  • Get access to TD expertise

    Enjoy access to exclusive thought leadership content on commentaries and market updates from TD specialists.          

Discover your Wealth PersonalityTM profile.

Our in-depth discovery process uses the cutting-edge field of behavioural finance to tailor advice and communications to you.

Learn more about financial planning

It depends on your needs.

TD Wealth Financial Planning enables you to work closely with a dedicated financial planner, in person or remotely, at a minimum investment CDN $100,000 or more.

Find your Financial Planner

TD Wealth Advice Connect, on the other hand, empowers you to work with a team of financial planners remotely with more flexible hours (8 AM – 8 PM ET, Monday-Friday) with a minimum investment of CDN $100,000 or more.

Get started

Financial planning helps bring focus to your overall goals and offers strategies to help you achieve them, no matter what life stage you’re in. These goals can be long-term, like retirement, or shorter term, such as saving for a child's education.

A TD Wealth Financial Planner can help you create a plan that offers recommendations and strategies that allow you to determine what you'll need to do today to prepare for the future you want.

A financial planner can help determine priorities and define your financial and investment goals, plus help you:

  1. Save money for the things that matter most

  2. Prepare for retirement with tax-efficient strategies

  3. Leave the legacy you want

A financial planner can recommend strategies to help protect you from the unexpected, and be available to:

  1. Provide expertise to help you to better understand your financial plan

  2. Give you the confidence to put your plan into action

  3. Help you stay on track

  4. Encourage positive goal-setting and investing habits

Find a financial planner online and help us learn about you, your values, and wealth priorities so you can:

  1. Transfer your funds and structure your portfolio seamlessly

  2. Meet regularly to discuss your progress and get insights

  3. Work with a team of specialists to help create and implement your financial plan

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  • Have us call you

    Request a call from a TD representative to answer your questions at a time that suits you.

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