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Private Wealth Management

What you can expect when working with TD Wealth Private Wealth Management

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  • Onboarding Process
    A TD Wealth advisor works with you to understand your goals, legacy aspirations, and to ensure seamless onboarding including effective portfolio structuring.
  • Personalized Strategies
    Get investment wealth management strategies tailored to your unique needs with exceptional wealth management expertise.
  • Regular Reviews
    Receive detailed reports and ongoing check-ins to stay up to date on progress toward your goals and adjust your investment portfolio to meet evolving needs.

Find an advisor online

Answer a few questions to help find an advisor online.

Sophisticated, personalized wealth management

Access a combination of sophisticated investment management and exceptional, high-touch client service from your TD Wealth advisor.

A close working relationship makes it easier to connect with your existing consultants as well as our own specialists to deliver you an integrated experience.

A progressive, coordinated approach

Getting to know you goes beyond looking at the numbers. Your TD Wealth advisor will leverage the principles of behavioral finance to help uncover your Wealth Personality. Through our proprietary discovery process, your advisor will take the time to really get to know the whole you. Then, to help support your priorities and help you accomplish what matters most to you, your TD Wealth advisor will ensure you receive a customized wealth plan that fits your needs.

Built for you

  • Receive regular updates on the status of your account and any changes over time.
  • Decide your level of involvement in investment decisions, whether you prefer to be actively involved in decision making, or prefer a more hands-off approach.
  • Acquire access to investment solutions and wealth strategies to help diversify your portfolio and manage your exposure to risk.

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