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You've worked hard to get where you are today. Now's the time to maintain, grow, and protect your net worth. Get tailored advice, solutions, and strategies that can help achieve these goals with TD Wealth Private Wealth Management.

We see the whole you

Managing your wealth and planning for the future requires a genuine interest in your well-being. Your TD Wealth advisor will determine your Wealth PersonalityTM profile and discover your priorities to develop a plan with a multi-disciplinary approach that can help grow and protect your wealth and transition it to those you care about most.

Personalized investment strategies & solutions

Based on your unique circumstances, we'll work with you to understand your goals and unique investment needs to create a wealth plan with tailored solutions including portfolio management, estate and trust services, and tax strategies.

Wealth planning

A TD Wealth advisor can help you articulate goals for the future and develop a wealth plan to:

  1. Assess your current financial situation

  2. Identify potential risks and offer solutions to mitigate them

  3. Help you evaluate whether your current savings and strategies are enough to meet your goals

To minimize taxes in the instance of death, disability, or critical illness, wealth plans should address:

  1. Net worth statement and cash flow analysis

  2. Investment management

  3. Tax strategies and solutions

  1. Retirement options

  2. Estate planning strategies and solutions

Investment management

Investment management begins and ends with a well-defined investment philosophy, a determined portfolio construction process and a robust commitment to risk management. Work with your TD Wealth advisor to help ensure your investments and assets are structured in a way that provides protection from creditor claims, unintended tax consequences, disability or untimely death.

  • Portfolio management

    • Access diversified portfolio solutions with a mix of investments
    • Save time and minimize the worry of investment decisions – your advisor does that for you
    • Get comprehensive portfolio reviews tailored to your goals
  • Asset protection

    Strategies to help with asset protection can include:

    • Planning with trusts
    • Planning for Business Owners
    • Tax and estate planning

Estate and trust services

Establish tax-efficient strategies to protect your assets and transfer your wealth. We can work with you to create a comprehensive wealth plan with information on planning for incapacity, maintaining an up-to-date will, as well as will and estate planning and trust services.

  • Will and estate planning

    • Power of Attorney (POA), executor and trustee services
    • Tax-efficient estate planning strategies
    • Business succession planning
    • Strategies to balance your priorities and charitable goals


    Explore estate and will planning

    Download this helpful Estate Planning guide

  • Trust services

    Trusts determine how assets are distributed during one’s lifetime or after passing and are an efficient way to transition wealth. TD Wealth Private Trust can support you when you are:

    • Named as a trustee
    • Establishing a trust

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Tax-efficient strategies

You could benefit from minimizing your tax liabilities and retain more of your wealth with strategies including:

  1. Income splitting opportunities

  2. Asset location and asset allocation

  3. Planning for business owners from maximizing the value of your business to planning for a smooth future transfer

  4. Establishing trusts

  5. Donating to charities with the help of the Private Giving Foundation

TD Wealth Private Wealth Management

Get relevant, customized wealth advice and strategies tailored to your needs from your dedicated Investment Advisor. Using our in-depth discovery process based on research in behavioural finance, we'll gain a better understanding of you, your values, and your vision for success to create a personal investment and wealth plan that combines:

  1. A balanced and disciplined investment management approach to wealth preservation and growth

  2. Access to a range of investment solutions aligned to your goals

  3. Access to a team of TD specialists

Leveraging our extensive network of specialists including TD Asset Management Inc., one of Canada’s largest and most distinguished asset managers, we're able to anticipate the complex challenges associated with growing and protecting your wealth. No matter what obstacles you face or goals you aspire to, we'll work closely with you to help ensure you remain on track, and develop a wealth plan that offers:

  1. Broad asset allocation

  2. Risk-factor diversification

  3. Deep understanding of your financial behavior based on our in-depth discovery process

With Private Banking, you’ll get support tailored to your needs including personalized solutions and exclusive benefits. Our in-depth discovery process allows us to understand how you make financial decisions, so our Private Bankers can match products and services to help simplify your finances. Private banking offers:

  1. Comprehensive packages through premium private banking accounts with unlimited transactions.

  2. Holistic banking support with versatile solutions for deposits, cash management, and flexible credit. Your Private Banker can also connect you with the right TD specialists to support estate and will planning, tax planning, retirement income planning and more.

Explore TD Wealth Private Banking

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If you've ever wondered "why do I need an estate plan?" we can help explain everything, from inheritances and trust funds, to what an Executor of Will does, what Powers of Attorney are, what a Trustee does, how we may help those who find themselves in those positions, and much more. TD Wealth Private Trust offers estate and trust services including TD Care Connect, assisting clients and their caregivers, in the management of their financial affairs and support for personal care arrangements, plus:

  1. Power of Attorney services to help when you need it

  2. Executor services to administer your estate or that of a loved one

  3. Trustee services to transfer wealth efficiently

  4. Support for those in these roles

The Private Giving Foundation is a simple, effective way to support the causes that matter to you, minus the administrative work of running your own foundation. And, by giving, you can take advantage of significant tax deductions. Learn about:

  1. How the Private Giving Foundation works

  2. The benefits of giving through the foundation

  3. The latest news and insights 

At TD Wealth Family Office1, we understand the evolving complexities of Canada's wealthiest families. Our team consists of multi-disciplinary, experienced specialists from our Private Wealth Management businesses who will work closely with you and your family to help define and achieve your evolving objectives. Leveraging our insights and resources, together we will develop comprehensive solutions for your most sophisticated needs. We strive to exceed your expectations delivering exceptional service and customized solutions in:

  1. Tax and Estate Planning

  2. Investment Management

  3. Business Succession Planning

  4. Philanthropic Planning

  5. Private Banking & Credit

  6. Multi-generational and legacy planning

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What to expect when working with us

  • Initial discovery

    Our in-depth discovery process focuses on understanding your priorities and goals in order to better support them.

  • Seamless onboarding

    Your TD Wealth advisor will help you transfer funds and structure your investment portfolio through step-by-step onboarding.

  • Personalized strategies

    Get holistic wealth management strategies tailored to your goals with exceptional investment management expertise.

  • Proactive reviews

    Get curated insights, timely updates, and regular reviews of progress towards your goals and adjust as your needs evolve.

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