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Private Trust

Aboriginal Trust Services

An Aboriginal man in traditional dress holding a small child Preserve a way of life

We can help secure your prosperity and preserve cultural values for generations.

TD Waterhouse Private Trust is proud to help Aboriginal peoples establish and manage Trusts to protect settlement income and resource revenues so that you can secure your prosperity and preserve cultural values for generations.

We bring over 140 years of experience in managing Trusts and have a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in the administration of the many different types of Trusts related to land or damage claim settlements, as well as resource revenue-sharing agreements.

Our experience has taught us the best ways to help you navigate through the complex issues involved in establishing and administering Trusts and Trust Agreements. We want to share this knowledge with you.

You can reach our dedicated Aboriginal Trust Services team at 1-800-563-5550.

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Our approach

When you start working with our Aboriginal Trust Services team, you will discover a high level of personal and professional service that is based on cooperation and respect. Together, we can help ensure that the hard work and visionary thinking that goes into the creation of your Trust Agreement can be carried on by future generations.

We are committed to helping train and educate members of Council and new Trustees on topics such as the operation of the Trust, as well as on the duties and responsibilities of the Trustees – a form of succession planning that ensures long-term value and stability.

We also provide training workshops for members of your community so they can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from understanding how your Trust works. Our approach to the management of your Trust is hands-on and proactive. We work closely with you and are ready to respond to your needs quickly and effectively.

Our Trustee services

  • Administration of Trust accounts
  • Safe custody of all trust assets
  • Monitoring of investments
  • Handling of all investment purchases and sales initiated by the Investment Manager(s)
  • Collection of all investment income
  • Distribution of funds in accordance with the terms of your Trust Agreement
  • Payment of authorized expenses and disbursements of the Trust
  • Guidance on issues such as taxation, accounting procedures, audit processes and legal matters
  • Regular financial reports and audits

Agency services

When the full services of a Corporate Trustee are not required, TD Waterhouse Private Trust can assist individual Trustees in the management of a Trust by providing a range of administrative services.

Investment Management

One of the biggest investment challenges for Trustees is generating sufficient revenue to pay for current projects and initiatives, while at the same time ensuring that the Trust capital grows enough to outpace inflation and provide security for future generations.

To help you meet your financial objectives, we would be pleased to introduce you to the wealth management experts at TD Waterhouse Private Client Services who can offer customized investment strategies that can be tailored to specific Trust and community needs.

Contact us today

The best way to determine the right level of service for your needs is to speak with us. We would be happy to make recommendations based on your circumstances. You can contact our Aboriginal Trust Services team at 1-800-563-5550.