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Powers of Attorney

A couple reviewing their Powers of Attorney with a Specialist A complete estate plan includes Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney let you decide who will make decisions about your financial or personal affairs if you can't make those decisions for yourself.

A Power of Attorney is a document in which you legally designate someone you trust to act on your behalf. If you haven't prepared and signed an enduring Power of Attorney, the courts could appoint someone for you.

TD Waterhouse Private Trust can help you identify the circumstances when a Power of Attorney should be prepared and determine the scope of the attorney's responsibilities and powers to be granted. We can also advise you on the benefits of naming alternate and co-attorneys to help ensure your wishes are carried out.

In addition, if you have been named as a Power of Attorney but are having difficulty performing these duties, we can assist you by acting as your agent.

Property and Personal Care

Powers of Attorney for Property deal with your financial affairs and assets. Powers of Attorney for Personal Care are concerned with your personal health and welfare, including decisions on medical care, living arrangements and safety.

In all cases, the following conditions apply –

  • You must be mentally competent to give or revoke a Power of Attorney
  • Powers of Attorney cease upon death at which time your Will comes into effect

Like Wills, this area of the law falls under provincial jurisdiction. As the law varies from province to province, you should consult your legal advisor regarding specific provisions that apply in your province.

Put our team of Specialists to work for you

Our Private Trust team of professionals has the experience to advise you on your estate plan, including arranging for Powers of Attorney.

In addition, we can hold your Powers of Attorney in safekeeping along with your Will. In this role, we can help ensure that its powers are only exercised in the case of your mental or physical incapacity, where appropriate.

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If you're looking for an experienced professional to help you arrange a Power of Attorney, simply contact the TD Waterhouse Private Trust office nearest you to arrange a meeting with one of our Specialists or call 1-866-280-2022.