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Private Trust

Tax Planning and Preparation

A couple discussing their tax situation with a Specialist Effective strategies to reduce taxes

Our Taxation Specialists help individuals, estates and trusts reduce or defer taxes payable while meeting all tax requirements.

TD Waterhouse Estate and Trust Taxation Specialists offer assistance with personal income taxes and tax services for Executors and Trustees.

We have the experience and comprehensive knowledge needed to help you minimize taxes for yourself and your beneficiaries. With a clear understanding of your goals, we can provide options to you on the opportunities to reduce or defer the taxes you pay.

Personal income taxes

At TD Waterhouse Private Client Services, we don't just think about how you can pay less tax this year. We conduct a comprehensive examination of the ways you currently earn income, your mix of investments, your retirement plans, your estate planning goals, and the tax situation of other members of your family.

Our team of tax, investment, estate and retirement advisors incorporates all of these factors into a long-term financial and tax strategy. This allows you to take advantage of current legislation and enables you and your family to keep more of your money year after year.

With a clear strategy in place, we'll take care of your annual income tax return. You'll gain the peace of mind of knowing that each return is prepared and reviewed by a tax specialist to ensure accuracy and that your taxes are minimized. Once submitted, we will take the initiative and deal with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf. We also calculate your quarterly tax installments and, if you wish, have them paid directly from your designated account within TD Bank Financial Group.

Tax Services for Executors and Trustees

We are an industry leader in dealing with the issues that arise after death and guiding estates through the Canada Revenue Agency's complex requirements.

We address issues such as minimizing probate fees, planned giving, insurance to cover taxes, and establishing trusts to help beneficiaries realize tax advantages and preserve family assets.

These and other strategies all become part of a plan to reduce or defer taxes during your lifetime and after death.

We provide Executors and beneficiaries with tax planning advice on the special rules that apply to returns for deceased individuals and trusts. In the role of Executor (through The Canada Trust Company) and as advisor to other Executors, we prepare thousands of estate and trust returns each year.

With this depth of experience, we're up-to-date on the ever-changing tax environment and the key tax issues relating to deceased individuals, such as –

  • Spousal rollover of property
  • Deemed disposition of capital property
  • Collapsing or transferring RSPs and RIFs
  • Medical deductions and charitable credits
  • Accrual of income to the date of death
  • Income tax elections to reduce or defer tax
  • Dividing income among several types of returns for a lower marginal tax rate

By preparing returns in a timely manner, accurately estimating the tax liability of the estate and expediting the required clearance certificates, we can help Executors distribute an estate in a timely manner and conclude their responsibilities.

Annual returns for trusts are another important area of specialty. Through the effective use of various tax planning designations and elections, we can significantly reduce the tax burden for the trust's beneficiaries.

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If you're looking for an experienced professional to help you minimize taxes on yourself and your beneficiaries, simply contact the TD Waterhouse Private Trust office nearest you to arrange a meeting with one of our Specialists or call 1-866-280-2022.