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Private Trust

Trust Services

A grandfather and his grandson taking a walk A flexible, lasting solution

A trust can provide the control needed to ensure that commitments you make to the financial security of others last a very long time.

A trust could be right for you if you have any of these estate planning objectives –
  • Support a beneficiary with special needs
  • Provide income to a loved one for life without the burden or responsibility of managing the trust's assets
  • Provide ongoing support to a favourite charity
  • Maintain privacy – unlike a Will, a trust agreement can remain a private document between you and your trustee
  • Continue the education or support of a beneficiary, such as a child or grandchild
  • Hold in trust a family member's share of your estate until the individual reaches an age you consider appropriate
  • Hold an important asset, such as a cottage or family business
  • Provide for children from a previous marriage while providing for your present spouse during their lifetime
  • Protect and retain assets within the family bloodline

TD Waterhouse Estate and Trust Specialists can provide you with professional advice and administration for both living and testamentary trusts.

Learn more about –

Advisory services

If a trust is right for your needs, TD Waterhouse Estate and Trust Specialists can provide you with professional advice on –

  • The role of a trust within your overall financial plan
  • The structure of your trust agreement
  • A comprehensive, long-term strategy to protect and transfer your assets
  • The ongoing management and administration of your trust

As trusts can remain in existence for generations, Estate and Trust Specialists work hard to build a close relationship with your family and other beneficiaries. In many cases, beneficiaries ask us to help them with their own personal financial affairs, such as investments, tax and estate planning. The fact that we have remained trusted advisors to families over many generations demonstrates our ability to act impartially, efficiently and with understanding.

Administrative services

Professional administration is also vital to the long-term success of your trust. We can take care of –

  • Custody and safekeeping of assets
  • Collection and distribution of income and capital
  • Comprehensive reporting to beneficiaries
  • Trust tax planning, preparation and filing
  • Maintenance of personal financial records
  • Access to professional investment management solutions

In addition, your trust and its beneficiaries will have the benefit of our professional advice in taxation, the management of private businesses, and charitable trusts.

How we can help

TD Waterhouse Private Trust, through The Canada Trust Company, can help in any of the following ways –

  • As Corporate Trustee, managing the trust assets, providing administrative services throughout the lifetime of the trust, and being accountable to the beneficiaries
  • As Co-Trustee, sharing the major decisions with a family member or other advisor
  • As Agent to the Trustee, providing administrative and management support at the request of someone who has been chosen to be a Trustee
  • As Alternate Trustee, named to step in if the Trustee dies or is unwilling to fulfill their obligations

In all cases, you'll gain –

  • The convenience of having a dedicated Estate and Trust Specialist to coordinate all services
  • The efficiency of having access to a team of Specialists for estate, trust, tax and investment matters
  • The peace of mind of knowing that you will receive sound advice and professional estate administration

Trusts for now and for the future

In most cases, one of the following two types of trusts will meet your needs –

An inter vivos or "living" trust is arranged during your lifetime. The assets are transferred to a Trustee, such as TD Waterhouse Private Trust, through The Canada Trust Company, that ensures that the terms of the trust are carried out and that the trust is professionally managed. An inter vivos trust often becomes the foundation of your estate plan.

A testamentary trust is set up under the provisions of your Will and can consolidate your estate plan for your heirs. Upon your death, the assets are retained in trust and administered according to the instructions given in your Will.

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If you're looking for an experienced professional to help you set up or manage a trust, simply contact the TD Waterhouse Private Trust office nearest you to arrange a meeting with one of our Specialists or call 1-866-280-2022.