Stocks or Equities

The chance to own a part of the companies you love.

Why Stocks or Equities?

Easy to buy and sell

Buying and selling stocks or equities can be an easy process, which can be done on any of our platforms, with a few simple clicks.

Gain ownership and the right to vote

When you buy stocks or equities, you own shares of that company and in some cases, get the right to vote on various company matters.

Capitalize on growing companies

As a publicly-traded company grows over time, their stock value can increase (or decrease). An increase in value can benefit shareholders.

Is investing in stocks or equities right for me?

Stocks may not be for everyone, but could be a suitable investment, if you:
  • Enjoy following business trends, reviewing industry sectors and researching various companies
  • Are comfortable with market volatility and seeing your investments potentially hit record-breaking highs and ground-breaking lows in the short term
  • Want a more active role in managing your investments

The Two Types of Stocks

Depending on your needs and circumstances, there are a couple stock types for you to consider.

Common Stock

Most common stocks give shareholders the right to vote on various company matters and may also pay dividends.

Preferred stock

Shareholders may receive higher (and earlier) dividend payouts than common shareholders, but don’t usually have voting rights.

Stocks Pricing: Clear and Simple

It's the service, support, and overall experience of investing with us that defines the value for you.

Standard: $9.99 flat rate to buy or sell

Canadian & U.S. stocks standard online commission rate.

Active trader: $7.00 flat rate

150+ trades / quarter on Canadian & U.S. stocks, + $1.25 per contract for Canadian & U.S. options

What you get:

  • Real-time market data and quotes for the Canadian and U.S. markets
  • Exclusive research reports
  • Educational resources that are online and on-demand

How to start investing in Stocks or Equities with TD Direct Investing

Open an account online
Select the TD Direct Investing account you want to open online or book an appointment.
Start funding your account
Once your account is open, transfer your money online to get started. Moving investments from another brokerage? Ask about how we could cover the transfer fees up to $150.1
Start investing toward your goals
Build your portfolio, using ETFs, stocks, options, mutual funds, GICs and more.

Looking for a simpler, easier way to start investing?

You can buy and sell stocks and ETFs with TD GoalAssistTM. Set goals, invest, and track your progress with a few simple taps. You don't need a lot of money or experience to get started.

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