Low-Carbon Economy

A major part of our commitment to creating a more vibrant planet is supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy. That’s why we are on track to reach a CAD $100 billion target of low-carbon lending, financing, asset management and other programs by 2030.

Our commitment in action

Year one TD reached 22% of the $100 billion target in low-carbon lending, financing, asset management and other programs.
TD has been listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index since 2014.
249 TD locations earned LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification in 2017.

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Vibrant Planet

We aspire to help improve the environment so people and economies can thrive.

Green Spaces

We continue to grow and enhance green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

TD FEF supports local environmental initiatives across Canada.

Low-carbon progress report

TD advances the transition to a Low-Carbon Economy, reaching $22 billion in the first year.

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