Supplier Information

Learn how to become a TD supplier and explore our commitment to responsible sourcing and supplier diversity as well as how TD suppliers benefit from our centralized sourcing team and source-to-pay technology.

Creating partnerships with suppliers

Committed to service
From local shops to global companies, TD suppliers are partners that help us serve our customers, communities and businesses. Our centralized sourcing team supports every aspect of supplier engagement with a focus on promoting responsible sourcing and supplier diversity.

Shared values
We look for suppliers that understand the regulatory nature of our business and take risk and privacy seriously. Also important are suppliers who align with TD's Ready Commitment in their own communities.

Getting started: Submit a supplier request

The first step in becoming a supplier for TD is to submit a supplier request through TD's online platform, SAP Ariba. Completing a supplier request is not a commitment from TD to do business, rather it informs TD of your interest in being considered for sourcing events.

As part of this submission process, you'll be required to certify that you have adopted guidelines, policies and/or practices that operate in accordance with TD's Supplier Code of Conduct.

How to submit


When you enroll your company in TD's procurement database through SAP Ariba, you'll need to provide your complete company information, including:

  1. Legal name of company

  2. Legal address

  3. Contact information

  4. Relationship to TD, if any

What to expect after you submit a supplier request

  • TD supplier selection process

    Once you've submitted your supplier request, you're officially in our procurement database. Should a qualified sourcing opportunity come up, TD may invite you to participate in a sourcing event.

    Submitting a supplier request is not a commitment from TD to do business, rather it informs TD of your interest in being considered for sourcing events.

  • Due diligence and risk assessment

    It is important for all potential suppliers to understand that before working with TD, you will need to meet the Bank's minimum supplier requirements. TD risk assesses all products and services and, depending on the risk profile of the service, the vendor may be subject to an extensive risk assessment process. This can include both business and technology viability assessments. These reviews cover multiple elements that include, but are not limited to, policies and procedures, vendor financial health, physical and cyber security controls.

  • Supplier registration

    If you're selected through a sourcing event, you'll receive an email to register with TD through SAP Ariba, including completion of the Supplier Registration Questionnaire. Your TD contact will provide any additional details needed to complete your registration, including any responsible sourcing and supplier diversity information.

  • Supplier enablement

    Once you're registered in SAP Ariba, you'll work with TD to determine how TD will transact with you, which may include SAP Ariba and other niche procurement vehicles as needed.

Purchasing and invoicing system update: SAP Ariba

TD is transitioning North American suppliers to SAP Ariba, our new source-to-pay solution. All eligible suppliers will use SAP Ariba and some suppliers may continue to use existing procurement vehicles.

If TD selects your company to transact with us via SAP Ariba:

  1. TD will communicate a go-live date to you for your transition to SAP Ariba – onboarding to the platform will be in a phased approach, beginning in Spring 2021

  2. You'll receive training and support to assist your transition to the new platform

  3. New purchase orders created on or after your go-live date will be shared automatically with you through SAP Ariba

  4. Invoices against those new purchase orders will be created and submitted to TD through SAP Ariba

  5. Any invoices submitted prior to your go-live date will be processed and paid through your previous process

  6. Once you receive your go-live date, all orders and invoices will be processed electronically through SAP Ariba and invoices submitted outside SAP Ariba will no longer be accepted

Benefits and features of SAP Ariba

Once you have transitioned to SAP Ariba, you'll enjoy all the benefits and features of this full source-to-pay system:

  • Streamlined purchase orders and invoicing

    Efficient end-to-end purchase orders and invoicing reduces manual administration and delivers faster payment cycles.

  • Transparent transactions

    Track the status of invoices and payments for better visibility and fewer errors associated with standard paper invoicing.

  • No fees for TD transactions

    We value our partnership with you, so we are covering the SAP Ariba fees associated with TD transactions. If you opt into additional services or transact with other buying organizations through SAP Ariba, you may be subject to SAP Ariba fees on such transactions with your other customers.

Contact TD Supplier Enablement

Current suppliers can contact our enablement team with questions regarding the transition to SAP Ariba.

Responsible sourcing and supplier diversity

We are committed to influencing strong ethical, social and environmental performance across our supply chain and diligently screen our suppliers for sustainable practices. In addition to striving for a responsible supplier network, we also seek to build a diverse one, with suppliers who share our values and demonstrate responsible practices while delivering high-quality goods and services.


TD Statement on Supplier Diversity

For TD, diversity and inclusion have been a strategic priority for over a decade. Today, we recognize diversity and inclusion as both a core value and a business imperative.

We have designed our North American Supplier Diversity Program to help promote a level playing field and encourage the inclusion of women, Black, Indigenous and other minorities, the 2SLGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, veterans, refugees and other diverse suppliers in our procurement selection process. We are a member of various diverse supplier organizations in North America that certify a supplier’s diversity credentials.

As a major purchaser, TD is committed to using our influence to drive economic inclusion across our supply chains. TD’s Strategic Sourcing Group works to ensure that we have a diverse network of suppliers who deliver high-quality and appropriate goods and services. We aim to buy products and services from suppliers who share our values and demonstrate commitment to social and economic inclusion.

Our commitment to supplier diversity reflects TD's focus on contributing to more inclusive economic outcomes across the communities we serve.

Mushtak Najarali, Senior Vice President, Sustainability, Strategic Sourcing and Enterprise Real Estate

TD Supplier Code of Conduct

All suppliers who conduct business and interact with us are expected to operate in accordance with the TD Supplier Code of Conduct and have guidelines, policies and/or practices in place that address the following:

  • Protection of human rights
  • Protection of health and safety
  • Fair labor practices
  • Code of conduct and ethics
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Anti-bribery/anti-corruption
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Legal and regulatory compliance
  • Privacy and confidentiality
  • Accessibility
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Supplier diversity

Supplier diversity

Our commitment to supplier diversity is a fundamental element of how we do business today and in the future—and we believe supplier diversity is a key contributor to success in the competitive global marketplace.

To be eligible for our Supplier Diversity Program, a supplier must be certified by a diversity certification council as any of the following:

  • 51% owned and operated business from the Indigenous community
  • 51% Minority-owned and operated business
  • 51% Women-owned and operated business
  • 51% 2SLGBTQ+ owned and operated business
  • 51% Owned and operated by a member of other recognized diverse communities (i.e. Persons with Disabilities, Service-Disabled Veteran-owned, Veteran, Refugees etc.)

Submit a supplier request

The first step in becoming a supplier for TD is to submit a supplier request through TD's online platform, SAP Ariba.

Diversity Certification Councils

Canadian Certification Councils

US Certification Councils

(Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council)

(National Minority Supplier Diversity Council)

(Canadian Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce)

(National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce)

WBE Canada
(Women's Business Enterprise Canada)

(Women's Business Enterprise National Council)

WEConnect International
(Women Enterprise Connect)

WEConnect International
(Women Enterprise Connect)

(Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business)

(Formerly USBLN)

(Inclusive Workplace and Supply Council of Canada)

(National Veteran-Owned Business Association)

Any other recognized certifying organizations (e.g. US State certifications)

Certified B Corporations: The TD Supplier Diversity program also supports inclusion of B Corporations in our supply chain.

TD Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Please download a copy of TD's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. Applicability of Purchase Order Terms and Conditions will be indicated on your Purchase Order.