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TD Wealth Personalized Financial Planning
and Private Wealth Management

Work toward achieving your financial goals by developing a financial strategy with a TD Wealth advisor

Create a financial plan

A TD Wealth Financial Planner can help you define your goals including, but not limited to, investing, retirement planning, and tax strategies, and create a personalized plan to help you achieve them.

Grow and protect your net worth

A TD Wealth advisor can help connect the dots to create a comprehensive wealth plan that may include strategies related to private banking, portfolio management, and estate and will planning.

Your Priorities, Our Expertise.

Work with a TD Wealth advisor about growing your wealth, protecting your assets, tax strategies, estate and will planning to help set financial goals and achieve what matters most.
Estate planning can help your and your family for generations to come

Think beyond investments—when you work with a TD Wealth advisor

Finding the right advisor to help you define your goals and creating the plan to achieve them is important. In fact, research shows:

  • Nearly two-thirds of individuals working with an advisor strongly trust their wealth advisor to give sound advice1
  • 47% credit their financial planner for achieving better returns2

You're not alone. Your TD Wealth advisor is here to help:

  • Recognize the inevitable challenges of market and life changes, and continually adjust your wealth plan to align your goals
  • Understand your financial priorities, emphasizing the big picture and what matters most throughout your financial journey
  • Create a plan that makes sense and answers your question: "do I have enough?

You’re more than just a set of numbers

Our in-depth discovery process uses the cutting-edge field of behavioural finance to understand your wealth personality.

How does it work?

  • By answering questions you’ll help us uncover your unique wealth personality
  • Together, we’ll use that understanding to tailor financial advice and communications to you


Year The Bank of Toronto was founded

$245 billion1

Value of assets invested through TD Wealth Financial Planning and TD Wealth Private Wealth Management2


Number of Canadian households working with TD Wealth Financial Planning and TD Wealth Private Wealth Management2


TD Wealth advisors ready to help

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