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Simplify your wealth complexities

Focus on what you do best – running your business – with help from TD Wealth advisors who understand the complexities and the unique challenges you may face. Catering to the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs, you get access to a team of specialists who can help simplify your finances and create a robust wealth plan.

Achieve your vision and grow your wealth

Work towards your personal financial goals with your TD Wealth advisor and a team of TD specialists to create a wealth plan that can help with:

  • Tax planning

    A TD Wealth advisor can create a personalized wealth strategy to help reduce tax exposure and keep income available as you need it.

  • Will and estate planning

    Create a blueprint for succession planning to transfer your wealth and business ownership with executor and trustee services.

  • Credit solutions

    Access banking, cash management and credit solutions for your complex credit needs including versatile deposit solutions.

  • Investment management

    Diversify your investments and grow your net worth to help optimize cash flow, maximize returns, and invest tax-efficiently.

Simplify your finances

TD Wealth supports your complex financial needs with exceptional expertise. Access a team of TD specialists across the bank and receive regular reviews on progress towards your goals.

  • We can work with TD Small Business Banking and TD Commercial Banking to help with your business banking needs.
  • We see the whole you – your personal and business finances – and focus on your priorities to help grow your wealth.

Resources for business owners

Exit planning

A TD Wealth advisor can help ensure your business preserves its value while generating tax-efficient income with a business succession plan that:

  1. Considers both expected and unexpected departures

  2. Weighs any complex tradeoffs and undesirable outcomes

  3. Can help maximize asset values and income with help from our expert business transition team

TD Wealth is ready for you

Work with a TD Wealth advisor for help with your succession planning, which includes:

  • Identifying personal and business priorities – what you want for yourself, your family and your business.
  • Determining who will buy or take over the business.
  • Developing a customized exit plan that covers a valuation, tax and legal considerations, and more.

TD Wealth services for business transitioning

  • Tax planning

    A TD Wealth advisor can recommend tax-efficient strategies to help take advantage of tax-deferred savings and manage investment income.

  • Will and estate planning

    Help ensure your wealth is transferred tax-efficiently with an estate plan, and strategies including executor and trustee services.

  • Retirement income planning

    Create a business succession plan to determine the types of retirement income you have/need and income sources: CPP, OAS, individual pension plans, RRSPs, TFSAs, etc.

Learn more about exit planning

Business succession planning is an important part of owning a business for many reasons. It's not just about sustaining the business beyond your retirement but allows for potential growth of your net worth.

With the right strategies, it can help minimize estate and income taxes, and may also help you retire at the age you want with plenty of time to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Succession planning can also:

  1. Allow you to maintain control of the decision-making process until you're ready to let it go

  2. Help provide security in the event of an unexpected death or disability with estate and will planning

Start succession planning early towards achieving sustainable success, ideally 5-10 years in advance of your planned retirement. But remember it's never too early to plan or too late to help improve your outcomes. Action is always better than inaction in this space.

A TD Wealth advisor can help you integrate your personal retirement goals and estate planning with your succession and wealth plans, and review your plan:

  1. Annually for any major life event changes before your target retirement or sale date

  2. Regularly during the business transition period to help ensure that any activity is aligned with your goals.

Your TD Wealth advisor and TD specialists from multiple disciplines can help make sense of complex tradeoffs and plan your exit strategy accordingly. Decisions made without a plan may have unintended consequences such as an impact on financing options, exposure to undue risk, or forfeiting tax-savings opportunities.

Weigh any complex tradeoffs, work to avoid undesirable outcomes, and maximize asset values and income with effective planning. An exit plan might help:

  1. potentially increase the value of your business

  2. potentially increase your after-tax sale proceeds

  3. create continued growth opportunities for your successors

How TD helps business owners

Diversity, inclusion, and customized banking solutions.

  • Discover credit solutions that fit your industry-specific banking needs.

  • TD supports LGBTQ2+ business owners and customers nationwide through a variety of inclusive policies, communications, development programs and initiatives.

  • Build your business with confidence with TD Business Banking products, tools, and resources to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals.

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