Disputing a transaction on your TD Access Card or TD Credit Card

What to consider before starting your dispute

Whether you are looking to dispute a transaction on your TD Access Card or TD Credit Card, make sure:
  1. The transaction is related to a purchase you made with your TD Credit Card or TD Access Card:
    To submit a dispute, it must be for a purchase made with your TD Credit Card or TD Access Card. If you find a transaction on your statement that's from a merchant you haven't transacted with, then the charge could be fraudulent. If you suspect the transaction is fraudulent and it has posted to your account, please contact EasyLine (TD Access Cards or ATM transactions: 1-866-222-34561-866-222-3456 / TD Credit Cards: 1-800-983-84721-800-983-8472) immediately.
  2. You attempt to resolve with the merchant prior to initiating a dispute:
    If you have a dispute with the merchant about a purchase you made, please first attempt resolve the issue directly with the merchant. Once you speak to the merchant, your issue may be resolved, and your money refunded. However, if you are unable to resolve directly with the merchant refer to the next step.
  3. You submit a transaction dispute request within the following timeframe:
    • TD Credit Card: We recommend contacting us within 30 days after the Statement Period End Date of the account statement on which the transaction or suspected error appeared.
      Note: Our ability to file a dispute on your behalf is subject to limitations governed by Visa dispute network rules.
    • TD Access Card: within 30 days of the date you have received notice of the transaction as per your account agreement

How it works for TD Credit Card transaction disputes

All transactions need to be posted
Transactions may temporarily show under Pending and Posted at the same time. We can't assist you with a transaction dispute until the transaction has been posted, which in general takes approximately 5 business days.
Remember to review your receipts
Merchants can use different names and may bill you from offices in different locations.
Confirm the cancellation of a monthly Subscription
For monthly or trial subscriptions, before you dispute review the details and ensure the subscription is cancelled.
Submit one dispute for each transaction
If you have enrolled to receive digital notifications, we will provide you an update within 30 days of the dispute claim submission by email or phone. If multiple disputes have been submitted, you may receive more than one dispute decision notification. Please do not re-submit your request.
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