How to Access Online Statements on EasyWeb

Step 1. Go to the Statements & Documents page

Statements and Documents

To access your online statements first go to the Accounts page. From the left menu, select Statements & Documents

Statement List

To view the most recent statement, select an account under Your most recent notifications.

Step 2. Statements for a specific account

Statements by Account

To view all your available statements for a specific account, use the dropdown menu found under Get statements by account.

Then select OK.

Step 3. Refine your results

Refine Dates

For the periods you wish to view, select the Start Date and the End Date.

Select Statement

To open any statement, simply select it.

View Statement PDF

You'll see your statement, as a pdf file, appear inside a new window that will open. If you don't already have a pdf viewer installed on your computer, download Adobe Reader.

Don't forget, you can also save and print your statements for your convenience.

Congratulations, you've completed this tutorial.

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