How to transfer money between Canadian accounts on EasyWeb

Step 1: Go to Transfers page

Select Transfers

From the Accounts screen, select the Transfers option from the left menu.

Step 2: Enter transfer information

Select From Account dropdown

Choose the account you want to transfer funds from using the Select From Account dropdown menu.

Select To Account dropdown

Select the account you want to move funds to from the Select To Account dropdown menu.

Enter Amount

Enter the amount of money (CAD) you want to transfer in the Amount field.

Select Next

Select the Next button.

Step 3: Review and finish

Review information and Finish

Review your transfer information and confirm that the source and destination are correct.

To make a change, select the Back button.

Select the Finish button to transfer your funds. It will take a moment for transaction to be applied to your current balance.

Confirmation message and transfer sent

You'll see a message confirming that your transfer has been completed.

Congratulations! You've completed this tutorial.

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