How to use Clari™ on the TD app

Learn how to use Clari™ - an automated virtual assistant that provides answers to your common banking questions. Clari can find information on your spending, your accounts, and more. This tutorial assumes that you've already set up Two-Step Verification on your account.

Step 1: Find Clari

Scroll to the bottom of the home screen and select TD Clari.

Select the Get started button.

Step 2: Accept Terms of Use

To review the Clari Terms of Use disclosure, select the Read the Terms of Use link.

To close the disclosure, select the X (close) icon in the top left corner.

If you agree to the Terms of Use, select the Accept button.

Step 3: Ask questions

Clari responds to your banking questions and statements.

You can inquire about your spending, accounts and more.

Enter a question, topic of interest or action in the Ask me something field and select the Send button.

Clari also works with voice commands if you have this feature enabled.

For demonstration, we'll run through some examples.

Let's say you'd like to open an investing account.

Enter "Open investing account" and Clari will reply with instructions on how to apply for a TD Direct Investing account.

To read more details, select the View more button.

Some answers Clari provides include external links that open in your mobile browser.

What if you're looking for details about your account?

Enter "Show my account balance" and Clari will reply with your current balance and offer to break it down in more detail.

You can select a pre-set response (such as Recent transactions) or enter your own question.

What if you want to send an Interac e-Transfer®?

Clari will reply with instructions on how to send an e-Transfer and offer to move you to the TD app to send your transfer.

Selecting the Go now link will direct you to the TD app Send Money screen.

While these examples highlight some things Clari can do, we encourage you to try the virtual assistant for yourself.

Congratulations! You've completed this tutorial.

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