How to view or cancel a TD Global Transfer transaction in the TD app

You can send money to family and friends almost anywhere in the world with TD Global Transfer on your TD app.

Learn here how to view your Global Transfer history. Or cancel an in-progress Western Union® Money TransferSM .

1. Access your transfer history
2. Select a Western Union Money Transfer to cancel
3. Review and confirm

Step 1: Access your transfer history

Select Global Transfer from the Quick Actions at the top of the Home Screen.

Select History

Now, view your transfers history. To see more details, you can select any transfer.

Step 2: Select a Western Union Money Transfer to cancel

To cancel a transfer, ensure it's a Western Union transaction that displays a status of In Progress.

Select the transfer you wish to cancel.

Note: You cannot cancel a transfer in any of these three scenarios:

  1. It has already been paid to your recipient.
  2. Within the first 2 hours of initiating the transaction.
  3. The transaction is still under TD review process.

If your transaction falls under any of the above, you will not be presented with an option to cancel transaction.

Step 3: Review and confirm

Review the information on the transfer that you've selected to cancel.

When you're ready, select the button at the bottom of the screen that reads Cancel transfer.

To confirm the cancellation of the transfer, select the button Yes, Cancel.

If the transfer has been successfully cancelled, you should get confirmation. Also, the status of your transaction should update to Cancelled.

In some cases, it may take time for the funds to be returned to your account.

Congratulations. You've completed this tutorial.

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