How to save money for travel

If you're ready to start saving for travel explore your options and see what type of vacation suits you best. Is it a week at an all-inclusive resort, a month-long self-guided trip through Europe, or a cruise through the Mediterranean? Knowing the type of vacation you want ahead of time can help you set a budget and have an idea of how much to save for your trip.

Ideas to help you save for your trip

  • Open an account dedicated to saving for your vacation so you can reserve it exclusively for your trip.
  • Consider automatically transferring money to this account with the Pre-authorized Transfer service.
  • If you’re tempted by a shopping deal, remember your goal and consider putting that money towards your vacation instead.
  • The TD MySpend app can help you track your spending from your TD deposit accounts and TD credit card accounts.

Tools to help you reach your vacation savings goals

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