I'm buying my next vehicle

In the market for a new vehicle? TD has competitive, flexible financing options with you in mind.

Before you buy your next vehicle

  • Insurance to meet your budget
    Whenever you're buying a vehicle, keep in mind age, mileage, year and intended use may affect your insurance rates.
  • Buying another vehicle?
    Be aware of additional costs such as street parking, added insurance and fuel costs that come with a second vehicle.
  • Recreational, sport or boat
    Keep in mind that added fun usually comes with added costs, such as trailers, engines, fuel tanks and even furnishings.
  • Maintenance fees
    Newer vehicles require less maintenance and upgrades as opposed to older models. This can mean lower overall costs.

Trading in your vehicle

Remember, trading in for a newer model may come with certain advantages:

  1. Net equity built in your current vehicle will be applied to the cost of your new vehicle, lowering your loan amount

  2. There may also be tax advantages that come with a trade in, such as the amount of HST you pay.

  3. Ask for more information at your dealership.

Dealership financing

When you're ready to buy, we have competitive, flexible financing options to suit your needs.

  • Dealership network
    Find your ideal automotive or recreational vehicle through our nationwide network of authorized dealerships.
  • Tailored financing
    We offer competitive rates, flexible terms and payment options with you in mind.
  • Up-front financing
    Apply for only the amount you need to purchase the car you want within your budget.
  • Award-winning dealer satisfaction
    Thanks to our dealers, TD Auto Finance ranked #1 in Dealer Satisfaction with Non‐Prime and Prime Credit Non‐Captive Automotive Financing Lenders. This marks the 7th year in a row for the Non-Captive Non-Prime segment1.

Credit history basics

Your credit history is a record of your ability to borrow and repay loans on time. One of the best ways to start building your credit history or improve your credit score is to apply for a credit card and demonstrate that you can use the credit responsibly.

Your borrowing history directly affects your credit score and borrowing options.

Any of our authorized Dealerships can help you with options.

TD Auto Finance offers flexible financing

  • 1

    Reach out to a dealer

    Understand your budget and financial needs, then connect with a dealer to find the best financing options for you.

  • 2

    Compare and test

    The TD Wheels app lets you search for and compare different makes and models to find your next new dream vehicle.

  • 3

    Applying for financing

    Ask your dealership to work with you on a mutually agreeable price. They can help structure a loan to meet your needs.

Make sure you're prepared on the day of the sale. Bring these when it's time to buy:

  • Valid driver's license or other Photo ID (not including health card)
  • Proof of income (e.g. T4, Paystubs)
  • Proof of insurance (required to drive away with new car)
  • Trade-in info, if applicable (ownership papers, current loan amount and lien holder)

  1. GAP Insurance covers the difference between the cash value of a vehicle and the balance owing on the financing amount.

  2. Extended warranty or service contract prolongs the amount of time the manufacturer is liable for covered incidents.

  3. Pre-paid maintenance plans usually cover scheduled maintenance outlined in the owner's manual.

  1. Paint and fabric protection includes rust protection and other pre-emptive measures to protect the vehicle's integrity.

  2. Rim and tire seasonal storage may be available through your dealership.

  3. Added security features including anti-theft devices, alarms, remote start and other security technology.

Costs can vary depending on the type of vehicle you choose. Keep these points in mind if you're buying:

  • New

    A new vehicle may be more expensive at first, however, there will likely be less maintenance costs and other fixes.

  • Used

    Yes, used vehicles are cheaper, however, the more miles are on the car, the more potential maintenance many be needed on everything from wheels to the engine.

  • Luxury

    They may look beautiful, but they can come with greater costs. Consider parts being harder to replace and more expensive, fuel cost and higher insurance.

  • Hybrid and electric

    These are great environmental choices and can help with fuel savings. Explore governmental incentives if you're considering one of these models.

How to Apply

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