Basics of Credit Cards

What is a Credit Card?

A TD Credit Card can be used to make purchases, cash advances or, if you have other accounts with TD – it can be used to access those accounts with TD. Some cards allow you to earn rewards such as cash back or rewards points. Whether you are applying for your first credit card or looking to upgrade, we have the range of credit cards to suit your financial goals and lifestyle needs.

How many types of TD credit cards are there?

We have many credit cards for you to choose from, each one offering various benefits and rewards. For example:

  • TD Aeroplan Credit Cards
    Our Aeroplan credit cards allow you to earn Aeroplan points on eligible purchases, which can be redeemed for flights and host of other benefits.
  • TD Travel Rewards Credit Cards
    With our travel credit cards, you can earn TD Rewards Points on eligible purchases and redeem them for travel benefits, such as flights and hotel bookings.
  • TD Cash Back Cards
    We offer credit cards that allow you to you earn Cash Back Dollars that can be redeemed to help pay down your account balance.
  • TD Low Interest Rate Cards
    Our low interest rate credit cards have an interest rate that is less than a typical TD Credit Card with a low annual fee. A low interest rate credit card has a rate of interest that is usually less than the typical interest rate of 19.99%. This means that less interest is charged if the balance is not paid in full on the payment due date.
  • For Small Businesses
    You can also find Small Business credit cards that come with customized perks and features for business owners like yourself. You can use them to build credit for your business and separate your business expenses for tax purposes.

What are the benefits of TD credit cards?

Our credit cards can come with many useful benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Some credit cards come with valuable reward points or cash back options that you can earn and redeem depending on your lifestyle needs.
  • Using your credit card responsibly could positively influence your credit score and help build your credit history provided your payments are made on time.
  • All TD Credit Cards offer Visa* Zero Liability that protects you in the event that unauthorized transactions are made on your Card. See your Cardholder Agreement for complete information on unauthorized transactions and your responsibilities including your responsibility to protect your PIN.
  • You can also find cards with fraud protection like our Fraud Alert feature which sends you a text message when suspicious activity is detected on your account.

How do you choose the right TD Credit Card?

Most of our credit cards come with benefits, rewards and protection. If you like to travel, then a travel rewards card is the way to go. You can save on flights, hotels and other travel-related expenses. Cash back credit cards are great options if you are looking to earn cash back with every purchase. If you own a business, we have an array of business credit cards with unique features like travel rewards, low interest rates or cash back options. Check out our Credit Cards Selector tool to help you find one that best suits your needs.

How do you apply online for a TD Credit Card?

Getting the right TD Credit Card starts with comparing and finding one that is compatible with your income, spending habits and financial goals. Once you find the right TD Credit Card for you, select the “Apply Online” button to start the application process. Existing TD customers can log in with their EasyWeb username or access card number.

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