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TD Foreign Exchange is a leader in currency exchange services in Canada. We offer competitive exchange rates to Canadians on all currency exchange services. From transferring funds to a foreign bank account, exchanging money for travel, to converting CAD to USD in your bank account. TD can assist you with all of your currency exchange transactions. To calculate live foreign exchange rates, use our Currency Converter.

Foreign exchange payments and transfers

Convenient and secure services for your foreign currency needs.



Limit per transaction

Global Transfer Marketplace

An innovative marketplace to securely send money internationally in more ways, to more places.

EasyWeb, Mobile

Limit per transaction:

  • TD Global Bank Transfer - up to $6,500 per transaction every 24 hours2.
  • Visa Direct - send up to $2,500 per transaction every 24 hours2.
  • Western Union Money Transfer - Send up to $999.99 per transaction every 24 hours4,5.

Foreign Exchange Transfer

Transfer funds between your TD Canada Trust Canadian Dollar and U.S. Dollar personal accounts, TD Direct Investing accounts, and lines of credit. Make a transfer.

EasyWeb, in branch

EasyWeb: Up to $250,000 USD equivalent

Wire transfers

Transfer funds from your TD Canada Trust account to a foreign bank account in over 43 foreign currencies.

In branch


Foreign currency bank drafts

Available in several foreign currencies, bank drafts are guaranteed funds and an alternative method to cash or cheque when sending foreign currency.

In branch


For a list of foreign currencies offered for each of the services listed above, view our currency and service availability.

All services have associated fees except transferring between your TD accounts. Please contact your local branch for details on fees and processing times.

Foreign exchange conversion rates and regular account transaction fees may apply.

Services you need for wherever you're going

  1. Foreign currency cash
    Purchase over 50 foreign currencies at competitive rates.

  2. Credit cards
    A variety of credit cards are available to suit your travel needs. Choose the best one to maximize your credit flexibility, card benefits and travel rewards.

  3. Cross border banking
    TD offers a variety of cross border banking services, whether you live in the U.S. part-time, visit for shopping or travel.

  1. Travel insurance
    Travel with confidence knowing you have 24/7 emergency assistance and upfront payment of eligible medical emergency expenses with TD Travel Medical Insurance.

  2. TD Access Card
    Use your TD Access Card internationally to make debit purchases from your TD Canada Trust Canadian dollar bank account, or to withdraw cash up to your daily limit from a PLUS Network ATM.

Purchase foreign currency cash

Choose one of four ways to get the foreign currency cash you need. We have over 50 foreign currencies available at competitive rates.

  1. Online
    Place an order through EasyWeb for pick-up within 3-7 business days at your preferred TD branch. When you return from your trip, exchange your unspent foreign currency cash at any TD branch.

  2. In branch
    US dollars, Euros, and Pounds Sterling are available at most TD branches. Other foreign currencies can be ordered and delivered to your preferred TD branch within 3-7 business days.

  3. TD Foreign Exchange Centres
    Our TD Foreign Exchange Centres have over 50 foreign currencies and precious metals available on hand for immediate purchase.

  4. By phone
    Call us at 1-866-222-3456 to order foreign currency cash for pick-up within 3-7 business days at your preferred branch.

TD Foreign Exchange Centres

Over 50 foreign currencies and precious metals available for purchase on site. Find your nearest TD Foreign Exchange Centre below.

Foreign exchange services to fit your needs

  1. Cross border banking
    TD offers a variety of cross-border banking services, whether you live in the U.S. part-time,visit for shopping or travel. Learn more.

  2. U.S. Dollar accounts
    Convenient accounts for south-of-the-border travelers and investors. Learn more.

  3. TD U.S. Dollar and Foreign Currency Term Deposits
    Secure investments that offer you the ability to earn interest at a guaranteed rate on your foreign currency funds. Learn more.

  1. U.S. Dollar GIC
    A secure investment that offers you the ability to earn interest at a guaranteed rate on your U.S. Dollar funds. Learn more.

  2. Foreign currency accounts
    Manage foreign exchange risk by holding funds in the foreign currency of your choice. Maintain the Minimum Monthly Balance in select currencies to waive the Monthly Account Fee. Visit a TD branch for details.

We offer a variety of foreign currencies and related services.

Cash We Buy

Cash We Sell
Buy Currency Online

Drafts We Buy

Drafts We Sell
How to buy a draft

Wires We Receive

Wires We Send
How to send a Wire

Australian Dollar

Aruba Florin

Bahraini Dinar

Barbados Dollar

Brazilian Real

Bermuda Dollar

Bolivian Bolivia

Bruneian Dollar

Bulgarian Lev

Cayman Island Dollar

Chile Peso

China Renminbi

Colombian Peso

Czech Koruna

Denmark Kroner

Dominican Peso

East Caribbean Dollar

Ethiopian Birr


Fiji Dollar

Georgian Lari

Guatemalan Quetzal

Hong Kong Dollar

Hungary Forint

Icelandic Krona

Indian Rupee

Indonesia Rupiah

Israel Shekel

Jamaican Dollar

Japanese Yen

Jordanian Dinar

Kuwaiti Dinar

Liberian Dollar

Malagasy Ariary

Malaysian Ringgit

Mexican Peso

Mongolia Tugrik

Nepalese Rupee

New Zealand Dollar

Nicaragua Cordoba

North Irish Pound

Norwegian Kroner

Omani Rial

Peru Nuevo Sol

Philippines Peso

Poland Zloty

Romanian Leu

Russian Ruble

Rwanda Franc

Saudi Riyal

Scottish Pound

Serbian Dinar

Singapore Dollar

South African Rand

South Korean Won

Sterling Pound

Swedish Krona

Swiss Franc

Tahiti CFP Franc

Taiwan New Dollar

Thai Baht

Turkish Lira

U.A.E. Dirham

United States Dollar

Uruguayan Peso

Note: Available currencies are subject to change without notice.

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