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What is the TD Scholarship for Indigenous Peoples?

Customized to the needs of Indigenous Peoples

Students from the Indigenous community face unique challenges and systemic barriers that can make getting a post-secondary education difficult. So, we worked closely with AFOA Canada to build a scholarship program that helps meet the unique needs of students from the Indigenous community.

What is included in this scholarship?

$10,000 towards tuition each year†

For a maximum of 4 years
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$5,000 towards living expenses each year

For a maximum of 4 years
TD Access Card

Employment opportunities at TD

Summer employment between years of study and full-time upon graduation7

Am I eligible for this scholarship?

Regardless of your field of study, scholarships are open to First Nations, Metis and Inuit who are members / citizens of a First Nation, Metis or Inuit community who:

  • have applied for a full-time minimum 2-year program with an approved5 post-secondary institution for the next year of study; or
  • are enrolled in, or accepted to, a full-time minimum two-year program with an approved post-secondary institution for the next year of study

Employees of TD and its subsidiaries and their children are not eligible for these scholarships.2

For full details, please review the Terms & Conditions.

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There are 25 scholarships available – one could be yours.

Finally, submissions made easy. No daunting essay. You can apply online, by mail or fax.
For details , please review the terms and conditions.

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