Verify your identity and check on your credit score with a free app

Now, with Interac® verification service 1, you can securely prove who you are quickly and easily by using your bank login to access select services.

Interac® verification service is a new third-party service provided by Interac Corp. that helps verify your identity in real time by allowing you to share your personal information from eligible information sources, known as Connections 2, with participating network members you want to transact with.

You can use the Interac® verification service app quickly and securely from your smartphone3 or through the browser-based version. Look for the Interac® verification service logo or or sign up option and follow the steps when signing up for and accessing products and services online with participating network members4. Download the app for the full experience.

The Interac® verification service app also helps you stay on top of your credit score with Equifax®. You can check your credit score range for free in a few easy steps. And your credit score will not be affected when checking it through Interac® verification service.

Why you should check on your Equifax® credit score with Interac® verification service.

Using Interac® verification service

To register with Interac® verification service, select a participating financial institution with which you have an active and existing online or mobile banking relationship. If you’re a TD customer, you can register for the service with the same password you use to access EasyWeb or the TD app.

It’s very important that you safeguard all the information and devices you use to access any financial service, including at TD. Never share your passwords, access codes or answers to security questions with anyone. Doing so could cause you losses through unauthorized access to your bank accounts or to your accounts with other services in the Interac® verification service network.

You can stop Interac® verification service from accessing your TD information at any time by calling EasyLine at 1-866-222-3456. Once this is done, you will no longer be able to use your TD credentials to log on to Interac® verification service.

Get started in 4 easy steps:

  1. Step 1 — Look for the Interac® verification service logo on sign in option on applicable websites or download the Interac® verification service app and follow the registration steps.

  2. Step 2 — You'll be asked to select a financial institution with which you have an active and existing online banking relationship. If you use EasyWeb or the TD app, then you may select TD5.

  3. Step 3 — You'll be asked to authenticate yourself using your online banking credentials with the financial institution you've selected and confirm the accuracy of your profile information.

  4. Step 4 — Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for the Interac® verification service and you're done! Now every time you use Interac® verification service, you'll authenticate yourself using your online banking credentials with the financial institution you've selected.

Visit the Interac® verification service website to find out where you can use the service.

Stay on top of your credit score with the Interac® verification service app.

• It’s safe
The Interac® verification service app leverages bank-grade fraud prevention protocols.

• There’s no cost to you
Credit score checks using the Interac® verification service app are free.

• It won’t affect your credit rating
Interac® verification service credit score check is not part of a credit application process, so it won’t affect your credit score.

Check your credit score range for free in 3 easy steps

  1. Step 1 — Once you’ve registered with Interac® verification service, launch the Interac® verification service app and enter your banking password to log on.

  2. Step 2 — Swipe left and choose the “Where Can I Use It?” tile.

  3. Step 3 — Select “Get your updated credit score range.” The app will then connect to the credit reporting agency Equifax. You can now see your credit score range held with Equifax.

Download the Interac® verification service app from your app store

Benefits of Interac® verification service

  • You're in control

    You decide when and with whom to share your personal information. Interac® verification service will ask for your consent each time you share your personal information.

  • It's convenient

    Interac® verification service can make accessing products and services fast and easy – use it on the go or from the comfort of home.

  • Secure and private

    Interac® verification service has been built with strong encryption and security, with privacy at the core.

For more information and how-to videos about the Interac® verification service, visit the Interac® verification service website

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