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TFSA - Designation of Successor Holder and/or Beneficiary

Complete this form to designate or change a successor holder and/or beneficiary of your Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and/or assets.

The designation is subject to the laws of the applicable jurisdiction (province or territory). If the laws of the applicable jurisdiction do not permit such a designation in the TFSA, it may be made only in a will (or, in Quebec, a marriage contract).


  • A successor holder must be your spouse or common-law partner, as defined by the Income Tax Act. That person will take over your account upon your death.
  • A beneficiary can be anyone, including your spouse or common-law partner. If the TFSA has only a beneficiary designated, the funds will be paid, upon your death, in cash to the beneficiary.

How to fill this form
  1. Click on the link above to open the form.
  2. Complete form details and print. You cannot save data typed into this form.
  3. Mail to the address indicated on the upper right section of the page.

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