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    Be Customer-Focused

    We want to be known for delivering legendary customer experiences.

    We aim to treat customers fairly, provide support in tough times and be the bank of choice for diverse communities.


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      We want to be the bank of choice for diverse communities.

      That’s an ambitious goal, given that TD has 19 million customers around the world.

      So how are we reaching out to people from all walks of life?

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      It starts by hiring employees who reflect the communities we serve. In 2010, 65% of our Canadian employees are women and 26% are from visible minority groups.

      We reach out to diverse communities, where banking is not always considered as a career option, in the hope that they will see TD as a great place to work.

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      TD offers service, products and communications in a host of languages.

      These include Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Portuguese, German, Russian and Greek, depending on the community.

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      We work to include diverse groups in our advertising campaigns.

      Last year we created campaigns with images of people representing Asian, black, disabled, Aboriginal, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

    • Image of LGBT advertisement

      In 2010, we did something we hadn’t done before – featured actual employees in a same-sex advertising campaign that we launched in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

      “I’m so proud to be an employee at TD,” said Donna Renn, an employee who was featured with her partner, in the advertising initiative.

    • Photo of sign language service

      At TD, making our facilities and services accessible to all customers, whatever their abilities or disabilities, is core to our promise of service and convenience.

      We recently launched a three-month pilot at one of our Ontario branches for deaf customers, allowing them to do more complex transactions with the aid of a sign language interpreter through web-camera technology.

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      A new fact sheet for Aboriginal Peoples highlights relevant TD products and services, as well as our community involvement and employment opportunities at TD.

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      Multilingual services. Branches in ethnic communities. Accessible offerings. Marketing campaigns for diverse groups.

      At TD, we are continually working to better serve customers from all walks of life -- and earn the honour of being their bank of choice.

    • Service and Convenience

      One of the ways we aim to offer legendary service to our customers and clients is by being available when and where they need us.

    • Provide Support

      In a year of rising debt levels and continuing economic turbulence, our customers clearly asked us to stand by them through customer research and in focus groups.

    • Treat Customers Fairly

      Listening and responding to customer complaints help us get better – and reflect our commitment to treat people with respect.