Protecting your accounts with Two-Step Verification.

How Does It Work?


To confirm your identity, you may be asked for a security code after you log in. This ensures it’s really you accessing your accounts and helps protect your personal information

When might this happen?

  • When you register for Two-Step Verification
  • When you add a phone number within your security settings
  • When you log in from an unfamiliar device
  • When you reset your password

If you're asked to verify your identity, select the security verification method you'd like and generate your unique security code.

There are three methods to generate your security codes:


TD Authenticate app

The TD Authenticate app is a separate app to be used with logging in to EasyWeb or WebBroker, that you can use to generate security codes without the need for texts or phone calls.


Text Message

Get the code via text message to your mobile phone. It arrives instantly and is easy to access.


Phone Call

If getting a phone-call is more convenient, you can get your code by voice message on your mobile or landline phone.

Setup Takes Just a Few Minutes:


Two-Step Verification Setup

When you first log in to EasyWeb or WebBroker you'll be prompted to set up Two-Step Verification. During this, you'll be asked to:

  1. Add a phone number or multiple phone numbers.
  2. Add an email address for security alerts.
  3. Select a Security Code Log In Option, which allows you to decide when a security code is needed.

If you have already set up Two-Step Verification, you can update your phone numbers and your Security Code Log In Options easily, go to security settings within EasyWeb or WebBroker.

TD Authenticate app Setup

You'll need to download the TD Authenticate app and follow the instructions to connect your accounts when you launch the app. See the link below.

TD Authenticate App

When you're not able to receive texts or calls to your mobile device, use the TD Authenticate app to securely log in.

Why Should I Use the TD Authenticate app?

TD Authenticate app is another Two-Step Verification method for EasyWeb or WebBroker. Once set up, it works without the need for texts or phone calls. Simply download the app and follow the onboarding process to connect your account to the TD Authenticate app.

You can use the TD Authenticate app to generate a security code even when you're not connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile network. So, wherever you are, simply launch the TD Authenticate app on a registered device and tap to generate a security code.

This confirms it's really you accessing EasyWeb or WebBroker.

The TD Authenticate app is for use with EasyWeb and WebBroker. For other TD apps or digital platforms, please use the Two-Step Verification services they provide.

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