2020 GRI Index

TD has used the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework for sustainability reporting since 2007. TD’s 2020 ESG Report has been written in accordance with the GRI Standards: Core option. Our reporting also includes some disclosures in accordance with the Comprehensive option and relevant disclosures from the G4 Sector Supplement for the Financial Services Industry. In addition to the GRI Standards, we have also aligned our disclosures to Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). Our SASB index can be found here. Where relevant, we have also highlighted the Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) which align to our disclosures.

AR TD's 2020 Annual Report
PC TD's 2021 Proxy Circular
ESG Report TD's 2020 ESG Report
TCFD TD's 2020 Update on TCFD - Managing Climate-Related Risks and Opportunities
PAS TD's 2020 Public Accountability Statement
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals (ESG Report page 11)
TDRC 2020 TD Ready Commitment Report
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