Financial Literacy

TD supports educational initiatives that empower individuals and put them on a path towards lifelong learning and economic success.

Financial Literacy is crucial for achieving Financial Security. We help people gain confidence by providing access to tools and programs that can increase financial skills and knowledge for the digital age.

How we support Financial Literacy

Learn money management skills

Discover resources that can help you improve your credit score, gain financial confidence, and save for your future.

Our commitment in action

In 2017, TD invested over $5.2 million to support Financial Literacy programs for over 683,000 people across North America.
More than 1,000 TD employees helped youth access Junior Achievement programming.
In 2016, TD committed $3 million to Money Matters and spent over 89,000 hours teaching the program to 16,000 learners.

Other ways TD contributes

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Early Learning

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