Self-Directed Life Income Fund (LIF) and Locked-In Retirement Income Funds (LRIF)Locked-In Retirement Income Funds (LRIF)*

Reap the benefits of your retirement strategy

Account Highlights

When you retire, continue to invest your portfolio in the Canadian and US markets by converting your LRSP or LIRA into a self-directed income fund in Canada.

  • Keep your momentum
    Build your locked-in money with tax-deferred investments while drawing a regular income.
  • Control the outcome of your retirement income
    If you hold a Locked-in RSP (LRRSP) or a Locked-in Retirement Account (LIRA), convert your account to a LIF or LRIF no later than the year you turn 71.
  • Also available:
    Restricted Locked-In Retirement Income Funds (RLIF)*

Pick the Canadian and US securities that seek to provide you income security

  • Stocks
    Trade on Canadian and US markets, including TSX, NASDAQ, and NYSE
  • Mutual Funds
    Invest in Canadian and US mutual funds, including D-Series and TD e-Series Funds®
  • ETFs
    Equity, bond or commodity exchange-traded funds.
  • Fixed Income
    Selected investments include bonds and other fixed-income products.
  • GICs
    Secure investments that promise a defined amount at the end of their term.

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