Our most popular platform

An everyday trading and investing platform that's easy to use and powerful.

  • Personalized homepage: an overview of the markets and your investments
  • Tools to monitor and manage your portfolio: projected income, performance, gain/loss, and GoalAssist™.
  • Exclusive research from TD Securities, video from Morningstar Equity Research, and more
  • Order types to help manage risk: from the basics to multi-leg option strategies


Find and evaluate ideas before you take action

  • Market and investment research: uncover and validate ideas quickly. Includes company news, fundamentals, earnings reports, option chains, and technical analysis
  • Market movers: exclusive intraday reports from TD Securities, the TD Daily Bull & Bear Report, Morningstar and other reports from industry specialists
  • Video inspiration: stream directly from Morningstar Equity Research and MoneyTalk
  • Screeners: create your own or choose pre-set screeners by TD and Recognia
  • Research centres: review and research mutual funds, ETFs, and fixed income products

Monitor and manage your investments

  • Personalized homepage.
    See changes in your account with real-time top movers. View personalized events, a weekly snapshot of projected earnings announcements, dividend dates, or analyst rating changes pertinent to your holdings.
  • Tools for managing your portfolio.
    Find out how you're doing with a slate of diagnostic tools, including Projected Income, Gain/ Loss, time and money-weighted returns, and a balance trend view.
  • Automated alerts.
    Stay on top of the positions you hold or follow with price, news, and technical alerts.
  • Invest on the go.
    WebBroker is synchronized with the TD app.
  • Secure access.
    Conveniently access your account documents, including tax slips, confirmations, and statements.

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