Advanced Dashboard

Shift into High Gear with Advanced Dashboard

Gain access to real-time streaming market data, analytical tools, and advanced trading capabilities, including:

  • Equity and option trading with access to all North American exchanges, news and next-generation web charting
  • Advanced order types such as conditional orders, multi-leg option strategies and option rollovers
  • A wide range of customizable trading and application settings to suit your personal trading style

Stay informed

  • Use Stock Screeners to generate investment ideas by scanning Canadian and U.S. equities with both pre-set and customizable screening strategies
  • As part of the Earnings Calendar, filter Canadian and U.S. markets for upcoming earnings announcements from today into the next month
  • Bubble Charts: Analyze and identify trends to visualize new trading ideas on a multi-variable graph
  • Easily identify market activity through real-time heat maps.
  • View and customize foreign exchange pairings for numerous currencies with Forex Matrix
  • Track the most active equities and options during the trading day with the Gainers & Losers feature

Evaluate your ideas

  • Next-generation web charting: Fully customizable charting, which includes over 100 technical and fundamental indicators, 50+ intelligent drawing tools and technical studies
  • Earnings Analyzer: Fundamental, technical, and probability analytics help you evaluate a company's past earnings and market expectations
  • Option Chains: Easily locate bid/ask quotes, key P/L metrics and the Greeks, and gain access to real-time streaming analytics for single and multi-leg option strategies
  • Analyst Evaluations: Access aggregated analyst recommendations to complement your next trading strategy

Track your ideas

  1. With Advanced Dashboard, trade Canadian and US equities, options, and ETFs with streaming real-time Level I and II market data. Read more about market data

  2. Attach a bracket order directly to your opening trade and automate your exit strategy

  3. Customize your equity and option trading preferences so you’re ready to jump on opportunities

  4. Modify, cancel, copy, or create an opposite order in one click with In-Line Editing in Order Status

  1. Includes contingent orders and multi-leg option strategies

  2. Want to trade a straddle/strangle or a vertical, calendar, or a diagonal spread? In Advanced Dashboard, you can create your own spread or choose from 26 pre-defined option strategies in Strategy Chain

  3. Verify your entry and exit strategies and capture your potential profits or limit your potential losses with capabilities such as One-Cancels-Other, One-Triggers-Another, and First-Triggers-One-Cancels-Other

  1. A smooth ecosystem where your orders and holdings are synchronized in real-time between Advanced Dashboard, WebBroker, or the TD app for your mobile device.

  2. Close existing equity positions with limit, stop-limit, or bracket orders directly from your holdings

  3. Easily roll over existing option positions with Calendar or Diagonal Spreads

  4. Follow your daily and total portfolio P/L as it streams in real-time

Recommended minimum system requirements for:

Light User

Moderate User

Power User

Sample User Profiles

  • I place trades in AD and use it to get a real-time view on my holdings and open orders
  • I do technical analysis with simple charting to get trading ideas
  • I only use one screen and organize my widgets in different workspaces
  • I don't typically view too many streaming widgets in one workspace; nor do I have too many streaming entries in any one widget
  • I use link mode to broadcast to other widgets
  • I use up to 2 screens total with popped out widgets
  • I have a few charts open for analysis and comparisons
  • I typically have a few streaming widgets in the same workspace and have a fair number of streaming entries within these widgets
  • I use a multi-screen setup (more than 2 screens total with popped out widgets)
  • I strategize with advanced technical analysis and sophisticated charting
  • I create complex workspaces with multiple charts alongside streaming entries and widgets

Connection Bandwidth

50 Mb/s

100 Mb/s

300 Mb/s


2.4 Ghz i5 or AMD equivalent

3 GHz i5 or AMD equivalent

3.5 GHz i7 or AMD equivalent


8 GB

16 GB

32 GB

Video Resolution

1920 x 1080

1920 x 1080

3840 x 2160 or multi-screen

Browser & Operating System

Most up-to-date version

Compatible Browsers

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox


Browser Settings

Allow cookies for session (medium security level)

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