Introducing TD Active Trader

Introducing TD Active Trader, our cutting-edge and incredibly powerful platform. You'll love its customizable features, sleek design and speed. Take advantage of multi-leg option capabilities, advanced order types, sophisticated charting, and more.

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Try TD Active Trader for 90 days, risk-free, using a practice account. Learn how to customize your workspaces and later, export these settings to your live account. If you need help, select the chat option to get in touch with our agents.

Take advantage of multi-legged options strategies

TD Active Trader enables one- to four-legged options strategies, from vertical and butterfly spreads to iron condors—in just a few clicks.

Maneuver the markets with advanced order types

Take advantage of bracket orders, First Triggers All, First Triggers Sequence, Limit and Market on Close, and more.

Save time with one-click trading

TD Active Trader is sophisticated, intuitive and designed with you in mind. Order entry is fast and simple, so you can keep moving and spot your next opportunity.

Access professional charting

Access more than 100 popular technical studies and advanced charting. With multiple customizable timeframes, you can track the markets, identify trends, and evaluate your ideas.

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Frequently asked questions

TD Active Trader offers a variety of professional grade trading tools and resources which are fully customizable to meet your preferences. You can trade multi-leg options strategies, which includes three- and four-legged options strategies. It also provides access to advanced charting features so you can review, compare, and track investment ideas by customizing charts using over 100 technical indicators, check multiple stocks and charts at once and set alerts. 

Other advanced trading strategies available in Active Trader include One Cancels Other (OCO), First Triggers One Cancels Other (FTO), First Triggers Sequence (FTS) and First Triggers All (FTA) orders, with the ability to create up to eight linked orders. 

You can access a wide range of technical analysis tools using TD Active Trader including:

  1. Professional grade charting, with customizable timeframes from one second 

  2. Tick level charting

  3. Over 100 popular technical studies

  4. Earnings analyzer

TD Active Trader users have the ability to stream real time Level 1 or Level 2 data for equity and options traded in the U.S. market. Once your data package is set, the entire platform will stream real time data to meet your trading needs.

Please note, we reserve the right to amend market data requirements, or change your access to real-time market data at any time at our discretion.

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