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  • Feature-rich Platform
    Advanced Dashboard is our dynamic platform available for active stock and option traders. Features include: streaming real-time data, conditional orders, and multi-leg options.
  • Exclusive Research and Education
    These are the two pillars of smart trading: research to help filter the volume of market noise and uncover breaking ideas; education to build your repertoire of strategies with advanced concepts.
  • Fair, Straight-forward Pricing
    Keep your costs down with our $7 active trader stock pricing, plus $1.25 per options contract, if you place 150 trades per quarter1. If you’re less active, pay a flat stock commission of $9.991, plus $1.25 per options contract.
  • Reliable Technology. Always-on Support
    Our trading platforms are as dependable as we are. Contact our trade desk, Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm ET and an Investment Representative can help answer your questions.

1 $9.99 and $7.00 rate is for online and mobile trades only.

Advanced Dashboard – An all-in-one platform for U.S. and Canadian markets

For traders who want advanced features to access Canadian and U.S. stocks and options, Advanced Dashboard is activated right from the WebBroker website.

Key features:

  • Real-time streaming market data
  • Customizable charting with technical studies, drawings, and comparisons to major indices, stocks, and more
  • Sophisticated analytics tools such as probability and earnings analytics
  • Advanced order types including conditional orders and multi-leg option strategies
  • Single-click order entry

thinkorswim – Get the ultimate advantage trading U.S. equities and options

If you want to trade U.S. options and stocks, use thinkorswim, a professional-grade platform for high-performance traders. Powered by TD Ameritrade.

Key features:

  • Free streaming level 2 market data
  • Powerful charting package with over 400 technical studies
  • Expanded order types including conditional, contingent, pairs trading, and four-legged option strategies
  • Advanced risk management and back-testing capabilities
  • Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Competitive Fees. No Compromises.

As an active trader, if you complete 150+ trades per quarter2 you get our competitive flat-fee. Not an active trader? We still provide competitive pricing for all clients. Everyone gets the same great rate.



Active trader

$7 flat1

$7 plus $1.25 per contract1

All clients

$9.99 flat1

$9.99 plus $1.25 per contract1

Real flat-fee pricing. Don't pay ECN or exchange fees.
All commissions are in the currency of the trade. Read more about TD Direct Investing's pricing.
1$9.99 and $7.00 rate is for online and mobile trades only.

Resources for Active Traders

Our comprehensive resources mean every investment decision counts.

  • Get investing ideas from our suite of innovative research tools
  • Get actionable insights on market conditions from our MoneyTalk videos
  • Keep informed on important intraday events with Flash Alerts, from TD Securities' research analysts
  • Create alerts to be notified on your device about positions you hold or follow

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