Here is a helpful article from the TD Wealth for Women program published on June 15, 2021 which presents a financial checklist to help you organize your personal and financial information. If you would like to review your checklist and discuss your financial goals, please book an appointment with a TD Personal Banker.

What to include in your financial checklist

An important part of achieving financial security is being organized when it comes to your financial and personal information. Having access to key contacts and financial information is important, especially during stressful times, such as in a case of emergency or in a life-changing situation.

To help you organize your financial and personal information, please update the information on this checklist and store it in a safety deposit box or other secure location. This information is also helpful when meeting with a Personal Banker and to use when building your net worth statement.

Financial checklist

Next steps

Establish a safe place to keep this document, such as a safety deposit box, in case your home is compromised. Keep in mind that this document is only useful if it contains updated information – consider reviewing and updating it annually.

For additional information on how you can work towards helping to secure your financial future, please book an appointment with an investment professional.

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