How to budget for long-term travel

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Your long-term travel budget tips

As you plan your extended vacation, do your research and think about answering these questions:

  • How long will you be gone? A month? Two? More?
  • How much is return airfare to your destination? Will you travel in high or low season?
  • Where will you live? In a hotel, hostel or apartment? Can you strike a balance between comfort and price?
  • What is your destination's cost of living (such as groceries, transit, entertainment)?
  • How will you get around? Rent a car, use public transit or rely on your own two feet?
  • What will you do in a medical emergency? Are you planning to get travel medical insurance?

Feel good about your long-term travel budget

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Having a budget in place can help you understand the costs associated with your long-term vacation, which in turn can help you manage your travel spending so you can focus more on having fun. There can be a real sense of confidence that comes from being prepared.

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