How to send an international money transfer on the TD app

TD Global Transfer lets you choose how to send money internationally in more ways to more places. Choose a method that’s convenient for you and your recipient: transfer directly to their bank account, for cash pickup with Western Union®, or to their Visa Debit Card, Visa Credit Card, or Reloadable Visa Prepaid Card.

Step 1: Access TD Global Transfer

Select Global Transfer from the Quick Actions at the top of the Home Screen.

Step 2: Register (one-time-only)

If you've already registered, jump ahead to Step 3: Get an estimate.

The TD Global Transfer screen offers you an overview of the service and our partners.

Select the Get started button.

Review and confirm your personal information.

If you need to update any of the information displayed, select Edit.

If no changes are necessary, select Continue.

Review the TD Platform Terms of Use and Privacy policy.

If you want to save this document, select the optional link, Download TD Terms of Use and Privacy Terms.

If you agree to the terms, select the checkbox, Accept TD Terms of Use and Privacy Terms.

Then select Accept.

When registration is complete, you'll receive confirmation.

To begin, select Send money now.

Step 3: Get an estimate

Select the Country in which your recipient will receive the funds. Use the dropdown menu found in the section labelled Destination.

Some countries may require you to also specify a state and/or city.

Enter the amount to send in the field Send amount.

If you want to base your transfer on the amount your recipient will receive, select the tab They'll receive.

Depending on your TD accounts, you may be able to choose the type of currency to send.

Depending on the selected country, you might also be able to choose the currency in which the transfer will be received.

Every transfer method restricts the amount you can send at any time. To check these limits, select What are my sending limits?

To view your available options, select Get estimates.

Review your transfer methods.

The availability of these methods varies on the country/currency combination, the amount of transfer, and other factors.

Methods include:

Send to Account
Send directly to your recipient's bank account

Cash Pick-up
Send to a Western Union agent location in your recipient's country

Send to Card
Send to a Visa Debit Card, a Visa Credit Card, or a Reloadable Visa Prepaid card

Quotes are provided for the exchange rate, transfer fees, and estimated arrival time.

Step 4: Select and confirm transfer method

Select the transfer method that best suits your needs.

In this tutorial, we've used the option Send to Account.

On the Confirm your rate screen, review the transfer details and the TD Important Information section.

To make a change, select the button Search again.

When satisfactory, select the button Continue.

On the Fraud awareness screen, review the warning Protect yourself from fraud.

When finished, select Continue.

Step 5: Enter transfer details

Select the account you'd like to transfer funds from using the dropdown menu From account.

The dropdown displays accounts you're permitted to use for the transfer.

If you have accounts in both CAD and USD, the available accounts in your dropdown are based on the currency choice you made in Step 3.

Select the recipient to whom you want to transfer funds using the dropdown menu Your recipient.

If you don't see your intended recipient on the list, add a new one by selecting the option Add recipient.

To add a new recipient, enter the recipient's name (first, middle, and last) as it appears on their government-issued photo ID. Then enter their home address.

Select the checkbox to confirm that the recipient has given you their consent to share their personal information for the purposes of the transfer.

Select the Add button.

To add a recipient bank account/Visa Card, enter the relevant information. All fields are mandatory.

This information varies by country selected and transfer method. (Enter the bank account information for bank transfers. Enter the 'Visa Card' number and 'Name on card' for transfer to a Visa Card).

For help with a bank transfer, select Get help finding bank information.

To re-confirm the recipient's consent to share personal information, select the checkbox.

Now, at the bottom of the screen, select Save.

You should get confirmation that your new recipient has been added.

Review the account to which you'd like to transfer funds. If necessary, you can change it by using the dropdown menu on Select recipient's account.

If you don't see the account on the list, add it by selecting the option Add account.

Make sure the currency of the selected account matches the currency of the destination country.

For some countries, you may be asked to select the Purpose of transfer using the dropdown menu. When displayed, this is a mandatory field. Select the purpose of transfer that most closely reflects the reason for your transfer.

An additional field may also require you, in your own words, to explain the purpose of your transfer.

Now, select the button Continue.

Step 6: Review and confirm transfer

To ensure that everything is correct, review your transfer details.

To make any change, select the Back button.

To complete the transfer, select Send money.

You should get a message confirming that your transfer is being processed, along with a tracking number for reference.

Once you've completed your transfer, follow any instructions displayed on screen. This will vary depending on the method of transfer and/or local jurisdiction in the destination country.

From here, you can view your transfer receipt or send another transfer.

Congratulations. You've completed this tutorial.

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