How to update your Security Profile on the TD app

Update your security contact details so you can get security codes or two-step verifications safely. Remember that any updates you make to your security profile will not affect your personal profile settings. If you also want to update your personal profile, here's how.

Learn how to update your security options on the TD app.

For more in-depth instructions, learn more below. If you're looking to update your security settings using EasyWeb, review the instructions here.

Go to Security settings

Select More from the Navigation bar.

Select Settings

Select Two-Step Verification.

Verify your new password or phone number

View or edit your list of phone numbers, security email address and login options.  
Note: Changes to your security code phone numbers and security email address do not affect your personal contact information.

To update your personal profile instead, go to My Profile.

You can add up to five phone numbers for Two-Step verification. Note that any new number you add will need to be verified.

You'll be prompted to verify your current security phone number to confirm that you're the one requesting the updates. Select which number to receive your one-time code.

Enter the 6-digit security code you received by text or phone call.

Review and confirm your updates

A message will appear confirming your security updates.

This will have an immediate effect on your TD app login, and any other login tied to this account.

You'll also receive an email confirming the change(s) you made.

We recommend reviewing your security settings frequently to help protect your account.

Well done, you've completed this tutorial!

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