TD Goal Builder

Saving and investing can feel overwhelming, but a TD Personal Banker can help by using TD Goal Builder to provide customized investment advice to help you work towards your goals. Whether you’re saving for retirement, an education, a home, or another major purchase, we can help you feel more confident about your financial future. It starts with a conversation — and TD Goal Builder.

The Benefits of TD Goal Builder

A TD Personal Banker can help you build a roadmap and provide investing advice towards making your goals a reality. With the ability to track your progress online and meet with us to adjust your goals, you can feel confident you're on the right path.

How does TD Goal Builder work?

Your goals are unique and we want to provide you with personalized advice to help you achieve them.

  1. Book an Appointment

    A TD Personal Banker will work with you to understand what is important to you and set your unique goals.

  2. Create an action plan

    We'll map out a path toward reaching your financial goals and provide a personalized report.

  3. Monitor your progress

    Track your progress online and connect with us any time to review, change your goals or add new ones.

How to access your TD Goal Builder dashboard

Once you've met with your TD Personal Banker and set up your goals, accessing the TD Goal Builder dashboard is easy.

  • 1

    Login to EasyWeb

    Once you have met with a TD Personal Banker, log in to your account on EasyWeb.

  • 2

    Open the My Accounts menu

    Click on the Settings & Services icon at the top right.

  • 3

    Select TD Goal Builder

    From the dropdown menu, choose TD Goal Builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

A one-on-one conversation with a TD Personal Banker using TD Goal Builder can help you define your goals and build a roadmap toward achieving them. We’ll review your current finances and provide personalized advice to help you feel more confident about your financial future. You can track your goals over time and work with an advisor to make adjustments as your life and financial situation change.

Your TD Personal Banker can help you set goals with TD Goal Builder that include saving for retirement, a child’s education, a home, or a major purchase.

Your short and long-term financial goals are unique to you. They can often be based on your life situation or set of circumstances and can evolve over time as your needs change.

That’s why the best way to set your goals is to turn them into something measurable that you can work towards. 

A TD Personal Banker using TD Goal Builder can help you translate your unique goals into a tangible roadmap that you can adapt and modify over time whenever you need.

Providing us with as much information as possible will lead to a more accurate picture of what your financial goals are and what it will take to achieve them. 

In your conversation with your TD Personal Banker, you’ll talk about your financial goals. It’s a good idea to think about them beforehand. 

Helpful financial information to bring along may includes your notice of assessment from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), investment statements from other financial institutions, and any relevant insurance policies.

After your one-on-one conversation, you’ll receive a personalized report. This will include a summary of the insights from your appointment, how you’re tracking toward your financial goals, and the actions you’re taking to achieve them. You’ll also have the ability to track your progress online in EasyWeb whenever you like.

Saving for your financial goals can take time. We recommend you meet with a TD Personal Banker at least once a year to stay on track and ensure your roadmap reflects any life events that may have changed your financial situation. You’re also welcome to connect with us any time you’d simply like to modify or add new goals.

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  • Access TD Goal Builder

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