TD Retirement Portfolios

A collection of TD Mutual Funds crafted to help meet the unique needs of today's retirees by providing retirement income, reduced volatility and potential for growth.

What is a Retirement Portfolio?

TD Retirement Portfolios are all-in-one investment solutions designed to help you live the retirement you want. They strive to balance stability, income, and modest growth – a combination you may be looking for as you prepare to enter retirement.

Benefits of TD Retirement Portfolios

  • Reduced volatility

    These portfolios seek to reduce volatility through strategies aimed at reducing losses during periods of market stress.

  • Professionally managed

    Active portfolio management with the flexibility to respond to market conditions can help reduce risk and allow for modest growth.

  • Modest growth

    These portfolios were built with retirees in mind, providing access to securities that have the potential for lower volatility.

Crafted to help meet the unique needs of today's retirees

Traditional investments, such as cash, bonds and equity shares can be useful for building your savings, but they may not meet your needs when nearing retirement.

By aiming to reduce volatility and the potential for modest growth, the TD Retirement Portfolios have the potential to help you maintain the lifestyle you want throughout your retirement.

Retirement Portfolios

Asset Allocation1

May be suitable for customers who…

TD Retirement Conservative Portfolio

  • U.S. Equity 52.8%
  • Domestic Bonds 20.3%
  • Cash and Equivalents 13.5%
  • International Equity 7.5%
  • Foreign Bonds 4.5%
  • Canadian Equity 1.1%
  • Income Trust Units 0.2%
  • Other 0.1%
  • Seek reduced volatility and potential for modest growth
  • Prefer to invest in a portfolio that is actively managed by a professional


TD US$ Retirement Portfolio

  • U.S. Equity 68.1%
  • Foreign Bonds 19.9%
  • Cash and Equivalents 9.7%
  • International Equity 2.1%
  • Other 0.2%
  • Domestic Bonds 0.1%
  • Are looking for potential income in U.S. dollars
  • Want modest growth and reduced risk

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