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If you're in need of a privately sold car, SUV, truck, vans or recreational vehicle, TD has a Private Sale Vehicle Loan to help. We offer fixed and variable interest rates, plus a repayment schedule that's tailored to your budget.

Why borrow with a Private Sale Vehicle Loan?

  1. The interest rate
    This type of loan uses the vehicle itself as collateral. That means you could get a lower interest rate than you might on an unsecured personal loan.

  2. Funds upfront
    Apply for the amount you need to purchase the private sale vehicle you want within your budget, whether it’s new or used.

  3. Repayment Schedule
    We'll help you create a repayment schedule that works for you.

Ways to borrow

We have loans to cover cars, trucks, vans, boats, motorcycles and RVs.

  • TD Auto Finance offers effective financing options at dealerships across Canada.

    • Available for: getting access to the amount you need for your car, boat, marine or RV purchase
    • You can borrow: and enjoy access to flexible financing, dealer and manufacturer sales programs and our trusted nationwide dealer network.
    • Repayment: Choose between a fixed or variable interest rate to suit your needs

  • A Private Sale Vehicle Loan is a flexible borrowing option to help you get the vehicle of your choice.

    • Available for: buying any kind of new or used vehicle privately
    • You can borrow1: up to $50,000
    • Repayment: We’ll help you create a repayment schedule that works for you.

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    For vehicles more than 5 years old5 or recreational vehicles over 2 years old6, you can apply online for a loan.

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