Basics of Credit Cards for Travel

What is a Travel Credit Card?

Whether you are road-tripping around your province or seeing the world, travel can be expensive. Thankfully, travel credit cards could make things a bit easier for you. Travel credit cards are like other credit cards—with a big difference. They allow you to earn travel reward points on eligible purchases that can be redeemed for flights, hotels, and other eligible rewards items. Depending on the type of travel you do, whether for business or pleasure, TD offers a number of different cards with two types of travel points.

  • TD Travel Credit Cards with Aeroplan points
    TD Aeroplan credit cards let you earn Aeroplan points which can be redeemed for Air Canada flights and more.
  • TD travel credit cards with TD Rewards Points
    Credit Cards with TD Rewards Points let you earn points for flexible redemption options such as travel, gift cards, statement credits and more.

How to choose the right travel credit card

Depending on the card you choose, travel credit cards can also put you in line for additional perks and benefits on top of points toward travel. For example, some cards might allow complimentary first checked bags, upgrades to seats or hotel rooms, or even access to airport lounges. Other important differentiators include whether they offer welcome bonus points or provide additional bonus points with certain spend criteria.

  • Welcome bonus points
    Lots of Credit Cards offer “Welcome bonus points”— a bonus awarded after your credit card application is approved (Conditions apply).
  • Earn rate for TD Reward points/Aeroplan points
    Various TD Travel Credit Cards offer a variety of earn rates for TD Reward points or Aeroplan points on your everyday eligible purchases!
  • Redemption flexibility
    From travel related purchases to gift cards, flexible travel rewards credit cards offer a variety of ways to use points.
  • Card features and benefits
    Different cards offer a variety of travel benefits you're looking for like trip cancellation1 or trip interruption insurance1.
  • Annual fee
    Some travel rewards cards may charge an annual fee, while some may come with no annual fee at all. Also, some travel cards come with a first year no annual fee rebate offer for new cardholders.
  • Eligibility requirements
    Credit Card eligibility typically depends on a combination of your credit score and income requirements.

What travel insurance coverages can a credit card come with?

When planning a trip, no one ever plans for things to go wrong. (We’d rather just dream of palm trees, or snow-covered mountain peaks.) Still, even the best planned vacation can result in physical injury, illness, lost luggage, missed flights, or even a trip that ends up cancelled altogether - through no fault of your own. TD travel credit cards offer insurance coverages with travel medical insurance, flight/trip delay insurance and more. Here’s what to look for.

  • Travel medical insurance
    Travel medical insurance is designed to provide coverage for eligible medical expenses while on a covered trip.
  • Trip cancellation Insurance1
    Trip cancellation insurance provides coverage if your trip is cancelled for an eligible cause.
  • Common carrier Travel Accident Insurance2
    Provides coverage for covered losses while travelling on a common carrier (for example, a bus, ferry, plane, train or auto rental).
  • Delayed and lost baggage insurance3
    Baggage delay or loss insurance covers costs related to a delay or loss of baggage while travelling.

How to apply for a TD Travel Credit Card

Once you’ve chosen the TD Travel Credit Card that’s right for you, simply log in with EasyWeb and start the application process. If you’re new to TD, getting started with your application is quick and easy.

Step 1: Choose the card

Select the card that matches your goals.

Step 2: Submit your application

Complete and submit an application online.

Step 3: Get an instant response

Get an instant response from TD credit card services.

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