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Our flexible mortgage options and knowledgeable TD Mortgage Specialists can help you save money and pay your mortgage off faster. These are just some of the reasons to switch your mortgage to TD today. Let us show you how to renew or refinance your mortgage with our competitive rates and our flexible mortgage payment features.

Simple questions

Once you've decided to switch to TD, some of the questions you might consider when you meet with a TD Mortgage Specialist include:
  • How can you save money and pay off your mortgage faster?
  • Is now a good time to use some of the equity in your home to finance other needs such as a renovation, education, or debt consolidation?
  • Which term makes the most sense for you?
  • Should you choose a fixed or variable interest rate mortgage?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A copy of your renewal offer from your current financial institution, if it’s available. If not, your annual statement for the mortgage.
  • Evidence of land ownership, such as your most recent Property Tax Bill
  • Confirmation of income, such as a recent pay stub
  • A copy of your property insurance statement
  • A void cheque

We'll guide you through

Our approval process is speedy and straightforward. Next, we guide you through the transition. TD can help you:
  • Discharge the existing mortgage
  • Register the new mortgage
  • Identify any applicable fees
  • Advise you how to save money and pay off your mortgage faster

Other useful information

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Resources you’ll need if your mortgage is up for renewal or you want to refinance your mortgage.

Our Rates

Choose the rate that’s right for you.

Flexible Mortgage Features

With a TD Mortgage, you can speed up, slow down, or pause your payments subject to conditions.

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Get an immediate response to your online application.

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