Struggles of Canadians studying in the USA and how to ease them

1. Having to repeat “out”, “about”, and “boat” to all your new friends

But then again, you keep asking them to say “Y’all’ so maybe it’s fair?

2. Being overwhelmed by all the humongous food-portion sizes

On the plus side, you only ever have to order a small portion again. Ca-ching!

3. You LOVE the exchange rate. You HATE the exchange rate. Repeat.

You should simplify your life and just get a U.S. Dollar Account or U.S. Dollar Credit Card so there are no more surprises when you receive your monthly credit card statement.

4. So much paperwork. Like all the paper ever.

You can now recite all your details in your sleep. Address. Social Insurance Number. Student Number. It’s all on lock.

5. You basically live in the international students’ office

Because of all the paperwork. That you have to file. All the time.

6. Constantly bluffing about your knowledge of American sports

Sunday is for football. Baseball is practically a religion. Conduct yourself accordingly.

7. Having to say “visa” and “sponsorship” to a potential employer

It’s like they have an allergic reaction when you say the words. And the green card jokes when dates find out you’re Canadian? Forget it.

8. Having to clarify that you don’t in fact live in an igloo or have a polar bear as a pet

Come on people. It’s 2018 . Sure, the Mounties still wear puffy pants. But other than that we have it together.

9. Living in constant fear of having to pay to go to the doctor

Having a universal health care system has never seemed more amazing. And a good travel insurance plan more important.

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