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Active Trader

Apply the power
of Active Trader

  • Advanced order routing
  • Streaming market data
  • Direct market access trading
  • Comprehensive desktop solution

Active Trader Features

If you make frequent trades, Active Trader gives you direct market access and powerful tools to spot trade opportunities and dynamically manage your positions – all from a single platform. Get all the power you need, right on your desktop with TD’s Active Trader.

Professional trading features

  • Point & click trading
  • Level II dome view trading
  • Customizable layouts

  • Streaming charts & technical studies
  • Trailing stops and bracket orders
  • Real-time profit and loss tracking

Active Trader Plus Comparison

Active Trader Plus has even more features to help frequent traders manage their transactions with confidence. Check out the chart to see which Active Trader platform is best for you, or take the tour to learn more about Active Trader.

Features Active Trader Plus Active Trader
Real-Time Account Updates v v
Real-Time Profit and Loss v v
Customizable Trading Cockpit v v
Direct to Market Trading v v
Level I Access v v
Level II Access v v
Streaming Watch Lists 10 Simultaneous 10 Simultaneous
Level II Stock Box 5 Simultaneous 2 Simultaneous
Streaming Technical Charts 8 Simultaneous 4 Simultaneous
Streaming Top Performers v v
Streaming News v v
Option Analytics v v
Alerts v v
Point-and-Click Order Entry v v
Advanced Order Routing v v
Trailing Stop Orders v v
Bracket Orders v v
Multiple Order Entry Tickets v
Advanced Order Tickets v
Dome Trading v
Multiple Order Ticket v
Customizable Hot Keys v
Extended U.S. Trading Hours 8:00 AM to 5.30 PM (ET) 8:00 AM to 5.30 PM (ET)
French Version v v
Chinese Version v v

Active Trader Web

When you choose Active Trader or Active Trader Plus, you automatically receive access to Active Trader Web – a streamlined web application that lets you keep in touch with markets and Active Trader tools for when you are away from your personal computer.

Active Trader Web Features:

  • Direct to Market Trading
  • Level I Access
  • Trading Cockpit
  • Advanced Auto Routing
  • Trailing Stop Orders
  • Real-Time Profit & Loss
  • Real-Time Account Updates
  • Real-Time Technical Charts
  • 1 Watch Lists
  • French Language Support

Streaming market data plan

Active Trader and Active Trader Plus come equipped with streaming Level I and Level II market data feeds for all major Canadian and U.S exchanges.

Learn more about our Streaming Market Data Plan

Active Trader Download

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  • Professional level trading tools
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