Telephone Services

TD Direct Investing and TD Easy Trade clients can both access telephone services for assistance. Additionally, Direct Investing clients may place trades over the phone by either contacting a licensed Investment Representative or using our automated telephone systems.

Note: When you use the TD app to call us, you are already authenticated.

Direct Investing clients can:

Speak with a live agent

If you need to speak with someone, help is just a phone call away. You'll be connected with either a Licensed Investment Representative or one of our knowledgeable support staff who can answer your questions and take your instructions to help you to place trades.

Telephone brokerage commission rates apply for trades placed over the telephone with an Investment Representative.

Monday to Friday, 7 am to 10 pm ET 1-800-465-5463

User Security

TD Direct Investing’s voice verification system is a secure and convenient way to confirm the identity of clients who call us. When clients use our Voice Print System instead of being asked questions for verification by a representative, their voices act as their means of instant access.

Leading-edge biometric technology

Our Voice Print System uses leading-edge biometric voice verification technology. Biometrics is the use of a person's unique physical characteristics or traits to identify them. Some biometrics use finger printing, iris scanning and even facial features. The Voice Print System uses biometrics to assign a mathematical model to a person's voice – in essence, a "print" of their voice.

What do clients need to do?

Clients who wish to use the Voice Print System need to enroll. A simple process is followed to register their voice print and link it to their account. When the client calls back, the Voice Print System compares the real-time voice with the stored mathematical model generated at enrollment. If there is a match, the caller has been authenticated.

How do we protect client privacy with the system?

No matter what system, service or product we offer our clients, ensuring their privacy is always a fundamental priority for TD Bank Group. Here's how we are protecting client privacy with the Voice Print System:

  • Voice prints are used only to confirm the identity of clients when they call, in accordance with our existing privacy policies.
  • Voice prints will not be sold, shared or used for any other purpose other than for client verification.
  • When clients enroll with the Voice Print System, their voices are transformed into a mathematical series of data that cannot be re-engineered or re-created into a voice print.
  • System security is further enhanced with the use of a secret date password in addition to the voice print.
  • If a client chooses to close his/her account for any reason the client's voice prints associated with the account will either be de-activated or deleted.
  • The servers that store the mathematical models representing the client's voice print follow all TD Bank Group security policies.

Automated telephone systems

You can place market and limit orders via our automated telephone systems 24/7. 

The standard online commission rates apply for trades made using these automated systems. You can also perform some maintenance tasks on your account using these systems. 

Easy Trade clients can:

Speak with an Investment Representative

Our Investment Representatives can help you with all aspects of the service, from setting up your account to answering questions about placing an order.

Call the TD Easy Trade Contact Centre at
1-877-250-2588– Monday to Friday, 7 am to 10 pm ET.  

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