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Navigating TalkBroker

When navigating TalkBroker, remember to wait until the end of the question prompts to speak your commands. For more information, review the following topics.

Login Instructions

To access TalkBroker, simply dial 1-800-240-5869. The next step is to speak or key in your TD Direct Investing account number.

If your account number contains a letter, enter the letter by pressing the asterisk (*) followed by the key on which the letter appears, and then the number corresponding to the position of the letter on that key. For example, if your account number is 1G1111, press 1, *41, 1, 1, 1, 1.

Please use the following numeric alphabet guide as a reference. To access each letter, you will need to enter two numbers. First, enter the number of the phone button on which the letter appears. Then press 1, 2 or 3 to indicate whether the letter is in the first, second or third position on that button. For example, you would press *41 for the letter "G," since "G" appears on the 4 key in position 1. Note: there are exceptions for the letters Q, R, S and Z as indicated below.

Numeric Alphabet

A  21
B  22
C  23
D  31
E  32
F  33
G  41
H  42
I  43
J  51
K  52
L  53
M  61
N  62
O  63
P  71
Q  72
R  73
S  74
T  81
U  82
V  83
W  91
X  92
Y  93
Z  94

The final step required to complete the login process is to speak or key in your four-digit TalkBroker password. Once your password is verified, you will be ready to enjoy TalkBroker!

If you do not have a password, or you are not certain of your account number, please contact the Electronic Brokerage Services Help Desk at 1-800-667-6299.


Desired Service Say...
To access QUOTES for Cdn. and U.S. stocks and options, mutual funds, and indices. "QUOTES" - then select type of quote when asked. Say the company name (not the ticker symbol).*
To review major indices in the MARKET BASKET. "MARKET MONITOR" - then select MARKET BASKET when asked.
To access a listing of NEW ISSUES. "MARKET MONITOR" - then select NEW ISSUES when asked.
To set your PERSONAL PROFILE for quote length and detail. "PERSONAL PROFILE".

* When listening to a quote you may press "#" and advance to your next request.


Action Commands

Desired Service Say...
To go to the MAIN MENU to enable another service selection. "MAIN MENU" - then select desired service.
To TRANSFER to an Investment Representative, the Help Desk, or TeleMax. "TRANSFER" - or press 0 on phone pad.
To receive instruction that will HELP you respond to the current TalkBroker question. "HELP".


Market Indices

Available from the MARKET BASKET or as separate requests in QUOTES

Index Say...
&SP TSX Composite Index The TSX Composite
&SP TSX Venture Index The TSX Venture
Dow Jones Industrial Average The Dow
NASDAQ Composite Index Nasdaq
&SP 100 Index &SP 100
&SP 500 Index &SP 500
Canadian Dollar Spot Canadian Dollar
US Dollar in Canadian Dollars US Dollar In Canadian
Toronto Gold Price Gold Spot
Toronto Silver Price Silver Spot


Personal Profile

Set the amount of quote detail that you would like to receive. This profile is stored for future calls.

Personal Profile Equity Quotes
Short Last Price, Change, Tick
Medium Last Price, Change, Tick, Volume
Long Last Price, Change, Tick, Volume, Bid, Ask
Detailed Last Price, Change, Tick, Volume, Bid, Ask, Bid Lots, Ask Lots


Helpful Hints

Q: How do I change an order that I have already placed?

A: To change your order, choose "Account Inquiry," then "Orders." Please say your account type (for example, "Canadian Cash"). You will then be asked if you wish to review, change or cancel an order. Say the appropriate choice (e.g. "change").

Q: How do I retrieve an Option quote?

A: After selecting a company, you will be prompted for the month, strike price, and call or put. Say your response in the same order as prompted.