TD Renewable Energy Credits and Carbon Offsets

Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
Source Location Total (MWh)
Hydro and Wind Canada 19,621
Hydro and Wind Alberta 3,997
Hydro and Wind British Columbia 40,955
Hydro and Wind Ontario 34,539
Hydro and Wind Nova Scotia 981
Hydro and Wind New Brunswick 384
Hydro and Wind Prince Edward Island 110
Hydro and Wind Manitoba 768
Hydro and Wind Newfoundland 154
Hydro and Wind Northwest Territories 22
Hydro and Wind Quebec 5,990
Hydro and Wind Saskatchewan 507
Hydro and Wind Yukon 31
Wind Alberta 75,081
Wind British Columbia 75,000
Wind Ontario 171,058
Wind Manitoba 643,955
Wind Prince Edward Island 19,002
Wind Quebec 510,000
Hydro Ontario 546,290
Total 2,148,445
Wind U.S. 291,105
Wind Iowa 26,407
Wind Kansas 152,831
Wind Indiana 71,732
Wind North Dakota 78,913
Wind Oklahoma 768,747
Wind South Dakota 261,130
Wind Texas 159,968
Wind Idaho 8,158
Wind Minnesota 2,275
Wind New Mexico 21,644
Wind Nebraska 236,989
Wind Washington 7,810
Wind Wyoming 36,069
Wind Manitoba 24,295
Wind Alberta 374
Wind Oregon 1,126
Wind New York 44
Wind Illinois 16,224
Wind British Columbia 7,392
Wind Montana 5,940
Low Impact Hydro Nebraska 28,546
Low Impact Hydro North Carolina 13,175
Low Impact Hydro Indiana 10,247
Low Impact Hydro Montana 15,371
Low Impact Hydro West Virginia 5,856
Landfill Gas Kansas 633
Landfill Gas California 1,345
Biomass British Columbia 59,398
Biomass Florida 28,108
Biomass Kentucky 41,446
Biomass Louisiana 23,726
Biomass Oregon 2,465
Biomass Pennsylvania 15,053
Biomass Tennessee 5,258
Biomass Washington 4,582
Biomass Indiana 1,956
Biomass California 3,224
Biomass Nebraska 993
Biomass Kansas 3,347
Eligible Hydroelectric Arkansas 2,997
Eligible Hydroelectric Arizona 6,659
Eligible Hydroelectric Idaho 49,337
Eligible Hydroelectric Montana 81,864
Eligible Hydroelectric Nebraska 44,239
Eligible Hydroelectric Ontario 62
Eligible Hydroelectric Quebec 9,148
Eligible Hydroelectric Tennessee 9,647
Solar California 229
Total 2,648,084
Hydro Norway 6640
Wind China 4865
Total 11,505
TOTAL US, CAN, & INTL (MWh) 4,808,034
Carbon Offsets
Source Location TOTAL (CO2e)
Tidal Nova Scotia 36,568
Fossil Fuel Switch Quebec 29,432
Landfill Gas Guelph, Ontario 4,000
Landfill Gas New Brunswick 15,000
Landfill Gas Niagara Falls, Ontario 90,000
Energy Efficiency Quebec 5,000
Energy Efficiency Ontario & Quebec 7,500
Food Biomass Valorization/Waste Diversion Ontario & Quebec 37,500
Bison Transport Fuel Efficiency Project Manitoba & Saskatchewan 5,000
Afforestation Ontario 60,000
Afforestation Quebec 118,763
Industrial Process Efficiency Hantsport, Nova Scotia 23,000
Fuel Switching and Cogeneration Due To District Energy Hamilton, Ontario 21,263
Energy Efficiency in School Buildings Montreal, Quebec 11,532
Energy Efficiency in School Buildings Toronto, Ontario 49,037
Methane Destruction Due To Landfill Gas Flaring Guelph, Ontario 48,855
Methane Destruction Due To Landfill Gas Flaring North Bay, Ontario 27,064
Fuel Switching and Energy Efficiency at Airport Buildings Montreal, Quebec 5,585
Geothermal Heating Replacing Oil-Fired Boilers Nicolet and Trois-Rivieres, Quebec 2,382
Lighting Efficiency in University Buildings Edmonton, Alberta 22,580
Biomass Fuel Displacing Fossil Fuels Aldergrove, British Columbia 14,121
Biomass Fuel Displacing Fossil Fuels St. Felicien, Quebec 49,064
Energy Efficiency, Fuel Switching and Geothermal Energy - District Energy Chicoutimi, Quebec 4,424
Energy Efficiency in YMCA Facilities Toronto, Ontario 162
Composting of source-separated organics Guelph, Ontario 3,991
Green Natural Gas Vancouver, BC 293
Green Fuel Vancouver, BC 114
Improved forest management British Columbia 35,000
Improved forest management Quebec 46,238
Total 773,468
Landfill gas Florida 50,007
Landfill gas New Jersey 20,000
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance Cumming, Georgia 41,000
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance Tyler, Texas 43,057
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance Elba, Alabama 46,402
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance Dublin, Virginia 27,712
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance Dalton, Georgia 35,119
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance Montana 28,000
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance Utah 35,984
Landfill Gas or Methane Capture/Avoidance North Carolina 19,962
N20 Abatement Claremore, Oklahoma 1,200
Wind South Dakota 16,425
Wind Oklahoma 18,000
Total 382,868
Landfill Gas New Jersey 10,000
Hydro Turkey 893
Wind China 644
Total 11,537
TOTAL US, CAN, & INTL (CO2e) 1,167,873

We purchased renewable energy credits (RECs) and carbon offsets to neutralize our GHG emissions. By the end of 2020, TD had invested more than $18 million in projects that create RECs and carbon offsets, contributing to the low-carbon economy.


Since 2010, we have invested over $8 million in renewable energy projects that created 4.8 million MWh of RECs and lowered the carbon content of North America‚Äôs energy supply grid.

Our carbon offsets support innovative projects that help reduce GHG emissions within our North American footprint. At least 68% of these are projects with social partners such as schools and Indigenous communities. Since 2010, we have invested over $10 million in such projects, offsetting over 1 million tonnes of CO2e.