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TD Canada Trust Access Cards now available with chip technology

Chip technology is being put in place for all TD Canada Trust Access Cards, making a secure payment system even more secure. Starting in March 2009, all TD Canada Trust new or replacement Access Cards will have a chip.

The new Access Card will be embedded with a microchip that stores information in a secure encrypted format that is virtually impossible to copy.

The changeover to chip technology is part of a nationwide initiative that all Canadian financial institutions, payment systems and merchants are embracing in order to help better protect Canadian consumers against fraud.

Using encryption, chip technology makes it virtually impossible for the information on your Access Card to be copied or accessed by unauthorized users when it is used at a chip-enabled terminal or ATM.

  1. When you make a purchase, follow the instructions of the Merchant and insert or swipe your Access Card. Then simply follow the prompts. If you insert your Access Card, it will remain in the terminal throughout the transaction. The device will prompt you to remove it when the transaction is complete.
  2. Your chip Access Card will have an expiry date. A few weeks before expiry, a new Access Card will be issued automatically.
  3. You can now change your PIN at TD Green Machines.

  1. Your PIN will not change. Simply continue to use the same PIN you have now for your Access Card.
  2. Access Cards with a magnetic stripe will remain a secure payment method and will continue to be accepted where chip technology is not used, locally or internationally.

Chip Access Cards will be made available to all TD Canada Trust customers beginning March 2009.

Chip Access Cards will become available in-branch and when you request a card through EasyLine telephone banking starting March 2009. However, there is no rush to request a chip Access Card, as magnetic stripe cards are still secure, and will be accepted at all locations for years to come.

  1. Yes, it is important to always protect your PIN.
  2. Memorize it. Do not let anyone else know or use your PIN and never write it down.
  3. Use your hand or body to shield the keypad when you enter your PIN.
  4. Make transactions when and where you feel secure. If in doubt, don’t use your Access Card.
  5. When a transaction is complete, put your Card back in your wallet and take your transaction record.

  1. Simply read the message on the terminal. The terminal will prompt you to insert or swipe your Access Card.
  2. In many instances, the Merchant will direct you or take your card to complete the transaction as happens now.
  3. Both the new chip terminals and the old magnetic stripe terminals will be used over the next several years.

Yes. Your card will continue to be accepted in all countries that already accept Access Cards using either the chip or the magnetic stripe.

For information about debit cards and chip technology, go to

For information about Credit Cards and chip technology, visit or call 1-800-983-8472.

For other information, call TD Canada Trust at 1-866-222-3456 (1-800-895-4463 for service in French.)

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