Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Diverse as mutual funds, flexible as securities.

Benefits of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


One ETF can provide instant diversification—either within a broad market portfolio or a focused sector (technology), without having to buy and manage multiple stocks.


You can always get a real-time view of an ETF's price during the trading day, plus see how the holdings are doing and if they are right for you.

Trading flexibility

Like stocks, ETFs can be traded any time—even after hours and weekends—and get them filled during market hours. You have control.

Lower cost of entry

Depending on an investor's situation, ETFs that hold stocks and other investments may be more cost-effective than buying the investments separately.

ETFs: The basics

ETFs can be a simple way to get into the market, allowing you to invest in multiple companies, industries, or sectors you're interested in, and to diversify your portfolio. Watch the video to learn more about how ETFs can:

  • Help build an asset allocation that matches one's investment strategy
  • Be either actively or passively managed, and the difference between the two
  • Be purchased from your direct investing brokerage

ETF investing strategies

An ETF can be either passive or active, or it can be a combination of both. Choose the ETFs that align with your investment strategy.

Passively managed ETFs

A passively managed ETF is set up to track the performance of a particular index—stocks or bonds and covering large or small sectors of the market.

Actively managed ETFs

An actively managed ETF attempts to outperform a specific benchmark or index.

All-in-one ETF portfolios

An all-in-one ETF invests in multiple ETFs that can be both actively and passively managed—providing a simple, low-cost way to create a diversified portfolio.

ETF pricing: clear and simple

It's the service, support, and overall experience of investing with us that defines the value for you.

Standard: $9.99 flat rate to buy or sell

Canadian & U.S. stocks standard online commission rate.

Active trader: $7.00 flat rate

150+ trades / quarter on Canadian & U.S. stocks, + $1.25 per contract for Canadian & U.S. options

What you get:

  • Real-time market data and quotes for the Canadian and U.S. markets
  • Exclusive research reports
  • Education resources that are online and on-demand

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