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Benefits of GICs


GICs provide a guaranteed rate of return

Available for purchase online

You can purchase GICs online for any investment account type


GICs offer multiple interest payment arrangements, some with compounding options

Who might consider investing in GICs?

GICs may be considered for an investment portfolio that includes market-sensitive investments. GICs can offer a degree of diversification and help balance against volatility.

  • GICs provide a guaranteed return that can help protect an investment portfolio by remaining stable and steady
  • While investment diversification is based on an investor's risk level, GICs can help to balance an investment portfolio

Types of GICs

Non-Cashable GICs – the traditional type

Term GICs may be suitable for online investors who can lock funds in for a specific period of time, whether short-term or long-term.

Cashable GICs – safety with flexibility

The freedom to withdraw your money whenever you need it:
  • TD 1 - Year Cashable GIC
  • TD 1 - Year US Dollar Cashable GIC
  • TD 3 - Year Premium Rate Cashable GIC

Market Growth GICs – security with potential upside

With a Market Growth GIC, your return can go up when the related stock market index does. If the market goes down, you still keep your original investment.

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